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      9 Best Posts to Read on List Building

      Apr 24, 2014

      2 minute read

      List building is a prerequisite for every marketing campaign and chances are you are forever searching for new ways to build better lists. Here are nine posts that talk about how you can build better lists from social networks, landing pages, blog and more.

      List Building

      1. How to Start Your Email Lists from Scratch: Comprehensive and accurate list building needs information from all channels. But, chances are, you are short on ideas on where to start collecting. This post covers all the channels with tips to get the most out of each channel.

      2. List Building Strategy from Copyblogger: Copyblogger, one of the internet marketing and copywriting industry leaders, has complied a strategy for list building that gets you results in 30 days! Like all things CopyBlogger, this comes packed with great insights. You can find it here.

      3. List Building Strategies: Derek Halpern “If you’re not building an email list, you’re an idiot.” This post sets the tone with this blunt quote and proceeds to give strategies for list building that you can start acting on, immediately. Explore more on how-to grow your email list with proven strategies.

      4. Tips for Successful List Building: Good lists are a prerequisite for every marketing campaign. But, how do you ensure your list building efforts are successful? This is a treasure trove for advice on building lists with a high success rate.

      5. Growing Your Email List via a Better Blog: You want your list building to work for you and help you gather better leads. One way to do this is to leverage your blog. Improve your existing blog while learning from examples in a post by Adam Connell.

      6. Leveraging Landing Pages for More Leads: Your list building efforts could use some boost with optimized landing pages. Here is Oli Gardner’s post for Landing Page for Collecting Leads and Tips for Next Page that gives you 35 examples of great landing pages that totally nailed lead capturing and assisted list building.

      7. Data to Fuel List Building: Effective and highly accurate lists rely on real-time data insights to drive successful marketing campaigns. When data is used correctly, it can transform the delivery, open and click rates.

      8. Social Media and List Building: Social media is a gold mine for real-time insights. When you leverage social media to extract information you get highly usable information that you can use to build rich lead profiles. This podcast helps you discover new ways to build your email lists with Facebook.

      9. Mistakes to Avoid During List Building: List building is not rocket science, but these five mistakes are very common. Read on to know what all you need to avoid for better lists.


      What Everybody Ought to Know About Data Management:

      Only good data management practices can result in great email lists. Data management gives you lists that are clean, validated, and relevant, which can boost your click through and open rates. Curious to know more? Dive in here.

      About Grazitti’s Data Management Services

      At Grazitti, we have significant experience helping clients like Cloudwords, Marketo, Seecontrol and more build email lists to build accurate consumer data and achieve high ROI on their marketing campaigns.

      To know more about our Data Management services, write to [email protected]

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