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      A Twitter Success Story – Dell Makes $3 million Using Twitter

      Jun 25, 2009

      2 minute read

      Dell, the world’s second largest PC maker, recently announced that it made $3 million in sales from Twitter. The company earned around $2 million directly through Twitter and another $1 million from people who started at Twitter but went to buy computer somewhere else on Dell website. This has changed the popular belief among people that Twitter cannot be used by organizations as a business model. But Dell has set an example for companies to profit from Twitter using a well planned social media strategy.

      Planned Campaign

      Dell started using Twitter two years ago, and today they have more than 718,441 followers. As part of their marketing campaign, Dell created various twitter accounts for different countries, languages and businesses like Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand, China and many others to reach customers. It was not only merely presence on Twitter but dedicated efforts that helped Dell to rake in profits.

      Smart Strategies

      Dell offers exclusive discounts to twitter users who follow @DellOutlet, providing an opportunity to pick the latest available refurbished systems. This experiment creates huge interest among the bargain hunters, generating high traffic for Dell’s website, ultimately leading to increased sales. A twitter coupon from Dell looks like:

      Dell's Twitter Strategies

      Listening to Customers

      Another reason for Dell’s success is their approach towards customers. Most of the companies will agree that it is very important to listen to their customer and take feedback but how many actually do? Dell listens to what their customers have to say and takes initiatives to solve their problems by providing relevant information. Here is an example:

      Dell's Success on Twitter

      Effective Response

      Stephanie Nelson is the force behind the Dell account on Twitter. She makes an attempt to reply to customer queries immediately and updates them with the latest offerings at Dell.

      Dell's Effective Response

      Till now, Twitter does not charge anything from the corporate accounts, but they are closely monitoring Dell’s success on twitter. The company plans to monetize search and draw revenue by assisting businesses in promoting and selling products through tweets. Maybe in future, Twitter will offer premium services to corporates with added benefits.

      But for the moment – kudos to Stephanie and the entire team twitter at Dell for showing the corporate world an unqualified success on the use of twitter.

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