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      Marketing Strategy

      Align Your Marketing, Sales, and Inside Sales to Improve Customer Experience and Achieve Revenue Targets

      Jul 06, 2018

      3 minute read

      Delivering exceptional customer experience is fast becoming the new norm in digital business. Now it is absolutely imperative for various teams to collaborate, exchange information, and help each other achieve revenue targets.Align Your Marketing, Sales, and Inside Sales to Improve Customer Experience and Achieve Revenue TargetsGone are the days when you could build a list, conduct some research on your prospects, and bombard them with your marketing emails or telephone calls. Nowadays, businesses serious about achieving long-term growth are reconsidering their reliance on cold marketing. In the GDPR-regulated world, the focus has shifted to consensual marketing.

      Acquiring a consent from your prospects requires questioning the age-old ideas, such as marketing funnels. But is it even feasible? We decided to gather our finest minds in a conference room last month to find out.

      The GDPR Has Clogged Funnels

      With the 2018 Q2 about to end and the GDPR firmly in place, we knew that business-as-usual was no longer an option. A change was needed and the challenge was to figure out “what it is” that should change. We asked our sales, inside sales, and marketing teams. They pondered over three core questions: Where we are now, where we should be going, and how we are going to get there.

      Engine-Based Marketing Offers an Alternative

      It was not easy to arrive at a unanimous decision, but in the end, they decided that it’s the right time to de-emphasize marketing funnels—which rely extensively on outbound marketing and can put businesses at a risk of a GDPR infringement—and adopt engine-based marketing.

      What Engine-Based Marketing Is

      Engine-based marketing expands the scope of a marketer’s job beyond customer acquisition. The objective is to improve customer experience through enhanced inter-team collaboration. Because it is less intrusive than traditional strategies, you can put it to use right now to engage European customers legally and ethically.

      Difference Between Marketing Funnels and Engine-Based Marketing

      Here are the crucial differences between marketing funnels and engine-based marketing that will help you adopt this method right away.

      Marketing Funnels Engine-Based Marketing
      Focus on generating leads. Focus on engaging customers right from the first touch.
      Marketers vanish from the picture after transferring leads to salespersons. Marketers work with salespersons throughout the sales cycle, and even after that.
      The entire job of identifying prospects is a marketing team’s responsibility. Sales and marketing teams work together to identify prospects.
      In many companies, cross-selling and upselling are not a marketer’s job. Marketers assist salespeople identify the leads who can be contacted for cross-selling and upselling.
      Outbound marketing consumes the most resources. The focus is primarily on inbound marketing.
      Marketers and salespeople work in silos to create collaterals. The marketing team works closely with the sales team to create, validate, and update collaterals.
      Account management and sales teams infrequently interact with marketers. Sales and marketing departments work together.


      Sales and marketing teams are incentivized to personalize.

      For marketers, knowing the audience and finding ways to reach out to them is a prerequisite for success. For sellers, it’s equally critical to study the audience. Anything less is destined to be ignored.

      When sales and marketing teams come up with their own strategies—worked out in silos—the result is often a suboptimal buying experience. Buyers are likely to receive conflicting messages and doubt an organization’s ability to get them results. Engine-based marketing can prevent such a scenario.

      In engine-based marketing, the roles of marketers and salespersons in customer lifecycle management are redefined and the emphasis is on collaboration instead of inter-team rivalry. The results include superior customer experience and better financial performance for your business. Although still new, engine-based marketing holds much potential. We have already seen it do wonders for several of our clients. You can be the next to benefit from it. Learn more about our marketing services here

      At Grazitti Interactive, our experienced team of marketers would be happy to assist you as you plan, strategize and execute your customer lifecycle campaigns. Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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