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      Benefits of Enterprise Content Management Systems

      May 02, 2022

      4 minute read

      Businesses have a volume of content which needs to be stored, shared, maintained, and secured.

      This is where Enterprise Content Management Systems come into the picture.

      An enterprise CMS can help control a company’s data, information, and documents by implementing processes for projects.

      In this blog post, we take a look at the benefits of an Enterprise Content Management System along with 8 popular platforms you can choose from. Let’s get started!

      What Is an Enterprise Content Management System?

      Enterprise content management systems are for businesses looking for more than the basic CMS integration. It automates processes, increases productivity, and enhances collaboration among team members.

      Benefits of Enterprise CMS

      Enterprise CMS helps businesses of all sizes to streamline their operations. Some of the benefits include –

      • Multi-site Support

      • Enterprises usually need to manage content across multiple websites, eCommerce stores, and marketing campaigns at the same time.

        An enterprise CMS can help you handle content across different platforms. It enables you to integrate all your social media channels, mobile apps, IoT devices, etc.

        As a result, you can re-use, optimize, and distribute content across a variety of channels seamlessly.

      • Integrated Marketing

      • Your content workload grows with a growing enterprise, hence, it is important to implement automation. An enterprise CMS allows integrations with artificial intelligence-enabled tools to automate marketing processes.

        For example, an automation tool can predict which leads are more likely to close to give your sales team a head start.

      • Top-Notch Security

      • Another benefit of enterprise CMS is its top-notch security. It protects your data from security breaches by using technologies such as granular access permissions, document encryption, and version control.

        This gives users the advantage of working in a safe, controlled environment from any device or location.

        Moreover, enterprise CMS’ have stellar support teams that ensure you receive quick help.

      • Platform Scalability

      • The dynamics of businesses are always changing. In such a scenario, businesses need to be prepared for the challenges they might encounter next.

        For example, you run a campaign for a free giveaway on your store which drives huge traffic to your website. Now, it will become challenging to accommodate the traffic if your website is not hosted on a scalable platform.

        This is the reason why businesses should invest in a robust enterprise CMS that is designed to scale up or down as required.

      • Online Communities

      • Online communities are essential for business growth as it helps in providing insights into customers’ preferences and needs, and increase customer retention and loyalty. However, managing an online community is as crucial as building it.

        A robust enterprise CMS platform provides you with tools to create engaging online communities and offer enriching experiences.

      • Enhanced Performance

      • Studies show that the first five seconds of page-load time have the highest impact on conversion rates.

        Performance is one of the most crucial features when it comes to building a website for businesses.

        An enterprise CMS helps you build a fast website that performs well on all devices. Therefore, it provides the required speed and support to develop a website for an enhanced customer experience.


      Popular Enterprise Content Management Systems

      Now that you are aware of the benefits of an enterprise CMS, you must be looking for an ideal enterprise CMS to host your website. Here are some popular enterprise content management systems to help you make a better business decision –

      • Drupal

      • Drupal’s CMS enables organizations to build and manage enterprising digital experiences.

        It is a flexible, modular, and open platform that delivers powerful tools. These tools help in easy content authoring, reliable performance, and top-notch security.

      • Sitecore

      • Sitecore XP is one of the most efficient CMS platforms that integrates Sitecore’s Content Hub. Its features like asset management, capable UI, content scheduling make it an easy-to-use enterprise CMS.

        Besides, it also helps in creating seamless customer journeys in real-time across any channel.

      • AEM

      • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a modern CMS system that helps in optimizing your website. This powerful enterprise CMS matches the global standards of website development and offers digital personalized experiences to your users.

        AEM helps in improving conversion rates and provides a range of personalized solutions to your audience.

      • Magento

      • One of the most popular CMS, Magento, is an open-source system that offers two different editions- Community and Enterprise to accommodate small as well as large businesses.

        Some of the features that make Magento a popular enterprise CMS are that it is –

      • Powerful
      • SEO-Friendly
      • Customizable
      • Ideal for Sales
      • Easy to edit
      • Shopify

      • Shopify is a comprehensive CMS platform that helps you to host websites. You do not have to worry about installing any software or managing updates and backups.

        It offers a simple drag and drop interface. Additionally, it also supports in-store sales which comes in handy if you have a physical as well as an online store.

      • Contentful

      • It is a cloud-based headless CMS that offers tools to create, edit, and manage content. Moreover, its API helps businesses to create and manage their digital content in one place, and deliver it to any digital channel.

      • Umbraco

      • Powered by .NET, Umbraco is a highly customizable open-source CMS that reduces development time.

        Some of the benefits of using Umbraco are that it has great customer service offerings, easy customization, and a huge community of developers.

      • Kentico

      • Built on .NET, Kentico is an ideal choice for companies that are looking for an all-in-one CMS, eCommerce, and online marketing solution.

        Its outstanding features include user-friendly editing with responsive design, minimum security risks, and organized environments with “content staging.”

      Wrapping Up

      If you are looking for a CMS with features like integrated marketing, security, support, and robust management for your business, it is time you implement an enterprise CMS.

      A strong ECM helps your organization manage its content effectively, boost efficiency, and increase collaboration & productivity in your team.

      Want to Build Your Website on an Enterprise CMS?

      Our Web Development wizards can help you build your website on an enterprise CMS that fits all your business needs! To learn more about our services, drop a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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