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      Benefits of SCSS in WordPress

      Oct 09, 2018

      3 minute read

      As a WordPress developer, you probably realize how important CSS is to effectively describe how HTML elements must be displayed on a web page. But when you start working with large, complex sites, you might realize the challenges of maintaining CSS files while keeping them readable and organized.

      Hence, that is why many developers recommend using a preprocessor language such as SCSS.

      In our blog, we tell you what SCSS is, it’s advantages, and why you need it.


      What is SCSS?

      A preprocessor of CSS, SCSS helps you write your CSS codes easily by letting you use loops, functions, imports, variables, and mathematical operations, thus making CSS writing more powerful. It extends the standard CSS characteristics by simply introducing the benefits of a basic programming language.

      In other words, SCSS will simply compile the code, and generate the CSS output that can be understood by a browser.


      For example, if you’ve ever wanted to change the color theme of your website, then you probably had to change each and every color property of selectors.

      This is where SCSS comes in.

      For e.g.


      Why should you use SCSS?

      • A simple and short pre-processing language, SCSS has its own syntax for CSS, it facilitates writing code easily and efficiently.
      • Contains all features of CSS in addition to some advanced features, and provides a better document style presentation as compared to CSS.
      • Repeating similar CSS is no longer required

      What are the benefits of SCSS?


      Nesting is a more natural syntax and an easier to read method of targeting DOM elements. It lets you reduce the amount of time it takes to make changes to stylesheets by preventing the need to rewrite selectors multiple times. The result is a more maintainable code with a better code organization and structure.


      Compiles to the following CSS:



      Variables is similar to nesting, as it lets you store information that you want to reuse throughout your stylesheet. It lets the developer specify certain values that must only be updated once, in case they need to be changed.

      For example, you can store font stacks, colors, or any CSS value that you might want to reuse.



      A mixin lets you group multiple code lines together that can be reused throughout your site. They can also be configured with variables, thus making them more flexible!


      Compiles to:


      Responsive Design

      Knowing SCSS lets you change the web framework by simply customizing its SCSS code, if you are familiar with Bootstrap! What’s more, the process is quite simple as it only requires changing the value of some variables.


      What are the other benefits from using SCSS in WordPress? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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