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      Boost Email Engagement With These 10 Types of Subject Lines

      May 15, 2023

      3 minute read

      Did you know that 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone?

      Given these numbers, it’s crucial for businesses to spend some quality time drafting a compelling subject line if they want to increase their email open rates.

      subject lines

      A subject line not only gives you an opportunity to convey a bit more information but also drives those all-important open. All in all, a good email subject line motivates readers to open an email at that exact moment rather than putting it off for later.

      In this blog post, you’ll discover different types of email subject lines that convert the most and some effective tips to create powerful subject lines that boost your email open rates.

      The Different Types of Subject Lines That Convert

      Your subject lines are imperative to increase your open rates. Here are the top 10 subject lines types that prompt viewers to click on them:

      1. How-To Subject Lines

      “How to” subject lines are extremely efficient as they tell your subscribers what is in the email copy.

      For example – “How to Boost Your ROI Without Investment?” is an attention-grabbing subject line for users who are looking to improve their bottom line.

      2. Direct Subject Lines

      Conveying your message directly can make readers click on your email.

      For instance, “10 Jan 2023 | Webinar Reminder | Opportunity to Grow Your Career” is a great subject line because it conveys everything a reader might want to know in a crisp and attention-grabbing way.

      3. Question Subject Lines

      Asking questions helps boost interaction as questions are a great way to pique readers’ curiosity.

      You can ask questions like – “Do you think AI writing can Ease your Job?” Such questions generate curiosity among readers and persuade them to click on the email.

      4. Scarcity and Urgency Subject Lines

      Using Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) tactics can help boost your open rates through your subject line.

      For example – “All You Need to Know About Email Copy but Are Too Afraid to Ask!”

      5. Announcement Subject Lines

      Showing excitement while delivering news about your brand and what your business is up to making people interested.

      For example – “Bring Theater to Home With New OTT Portal! Save Big!”

      6. Subject Lines With Statistics

      Numbers impact people and so do the stats. Statistics even help boost credibility.

      For instance – “70% of Marketers Double ROI With a One-time Investment. Are You One of Them?”

      7. Listicle Subject Lines

      Listicle subject line formulas are often used for educational and awareness purposes and prompt readers to click on the email to gain more information.

      For example – “5 Ways You’re Killing Your Content Writing Skills.” This subject line can make writers think about what they might be doing wrong and click on the email.

      8. Empty Suitcase Subject Lines

      Haven’t heard about this type of subject line before? It is used without a noun.

      Say – “THIS is how you miss your marketing goals!” and let the reader give it a thought and open the email to know the ‘THIS.’

      9. Subject Lines With Greetings

      Give consumers a warm welcome with these relevant subject lines:

      • Hey Sara! Here’s Your Sign-up Bonus!
      • Welcome to the Club! Get Your Subscription Offer Here.

      10. Problem-Solving Subject Lines

      Know your audience’s pain points and provide them with a solution. For instance, “Fix Your Email Open Rates Now!”

      Top Tips to Create Compelling Subject Lines

      Here are a few tips to create an irresistible email subject line-

      • Keep your message crisp and direct.
      • Do not overtly promote your product in the subject line.
      • Ask open-ended questions to evoke curiosity.
      • Create urgency and prompt your readers to take action.
      • Personalize your subject lines to boost an emotional appeal.

      The Bottom Line

      Great subject lines are a big part of your marketing efforts. They can provide you with a huge return on investment in just about any industry. Try out these proven email subject lines and see your open rates going up.

      Want to Create a Powerful Email Marketing Strategy? Let’s Talk!

      If you want to create subject lines that your readers would like to click on, Grazitti content creators can be your true ally. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we will take it from there.

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