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      Build a Cutting-Edge eCommerce Storefront with Headless Shopify

      Dec 10, 2021

      3 minute read

      Headless technology is changing the face of commerce.

      Although it has gained ground, it’s still one of the least understood buzzwords of the eCommerce world.

      To put it simply, headless commerce is a CMS architecture where the frontend is decoupled from the backend.

      As a result, you are free to use any frontend technology of your choice to communicate with audiences and deliver an omnichannel experience.

      A headless commerce strategy provides you with multiple benefits that include enhanced business agility, marketing efficiency, and personalization to name a few.

      There are many headless commerce solutions available these days but headless Shopify tops the chart[1] when it comes to its ability to execute.

      So, what is headless Shopify and why is it an effective headless solution for eCommerce businesses? Let’s find out.

      What is Headless Shopify?

      Following the concept of headless commerce, in headless Shopify, the Shopify frontend is separated from the backend.

      The presentation layer and the back-end layer are able to work independently and communicate together via APIs (Application Programming Interface).

      For the presentation layer, the platform uses a variety of technologies like VueJS, GatsbyJS, and ReactJS framework.

      This enables pulling the data from Shopify via Storefront APIs and delivering it to the end-user for a seamless experience.

      Additionally, it provides more control over the store’s design and digital performance, thus, maximizing the business outcomes.

      headless commerce architecture

      Why Use Headless Shopify?

      Shopify in itself is a high-performing eCommerce platform. But in order to beat the competition and sway your customers, you need additional functionalities, instantaneous responses, and overall superior performance.

      That’s where headless Shopify presents itself as a great option.

      It allows you to leverage high-tech frontend solutions to fulfill the growing demands of your customers while utilizing the familiar robust backend of Shopify to handle the data management and business operations.

      Benefits of Headless Shopify

      Now that you have a basic idea of headless Shopify and why it is important for eCommerce businesses, let’s take a look at some key benefits of going Headless with Shopify.

      benefits of headless shopify

      Added Flexibility
      Headless Shopify gives you the freedom to build a completely customized website without being tied to only the tech stack of Shopify. You can test various frameworks, integrations, designs, and templates and go with the ones that suit your business the most.

      Personalized Omnichannel Experiences
      Above anything, an eCommerce store must be customer-oriented. Headless Shopify enables you to offer the best customer experiences by deploying tailored technologies that give users exactly what they want, where they want, and when they want.

      Seamless Integrations
      Headless Shopify is built on APIs, and APIs are much easier to integrate with other systems. You can seamlessly integrate them with any CMS, CRM, and marketing automation tools to extend the capabilities of your platform.

      Faster Speed
      In headless Shopify, the display logic is shifted to the client-side, thus, making speedy delivery a priority. The frontend is designed to load faster and act more responsive to provide customers with intuitive experiences.

      Limitless UX Possibilities
      Headless Shopify gives you complete control over your website’s look and feel, usability, and functionality. You can connect it with any device or channel to create unique site experiences, tailor product information, and enhance visual appeal.

      Improved Performance
      By leveraging the latest technologies, headless Shopify delivers blazingly fast performance. Your teams are able to work in parallel, make updates in real-time, and provide omnichannel activities support leading to higher conversions and retention.

      Final Notes

      The future of eCommerce is headless, and it’s here. So, it’s time to adopt this approach to future-proof your business. Going headless with Shopify is not only going to streamline your processes and enhance business growth but also open doors to many emerging opportunities that’ll pave the way for long-term success.

      Need help to implement headless Shopify in your business? Contact us.

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