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      Building Mobile-First Communities With Higher Logic’s Connected Community App

      Jul 22, 2022

      3 minute read

      Over the past few years, smartphones have gained momentum to the point that there are more than 6 billion[i] active smartphone users worldwide. And, this number is expected to grow.

      Businesses are leveraging this growing popularity as a golden opportunity to gain new members or customers. But how should brands use smartphones to connect with their customers and prospects?

      Enter: Community mobile apps!

      Creating a mobile-first community that is easily accessible across mobile devices will open doors for new engagement opportunities for both brands and customers. A great example of this is Higher Logic’s recently launched app named ‘Connected Community’ for building mobile responsive communities.

      Let’s dig into why community mobile apps matter and what Higher Logic’s new community app has in store for you.

      Why Do Mobile Apps for Online Communities Matter?

      Before we get into the all-new and exciting features of the community mobile app, let’s talk about why it is important in the first place.

      Brands are focusing on making their communities more dynamic and resilient. Community mobile apps are making this possible by bringing communities to the fingertips of the members. They can access the communities, discussions, helpful resources, etc., via their mobile device anytime and anywhere with utmost ease.

      The following are some benefits mobile-based communities offer –

      • Better and faster access to the communities regardless of the time and place.
      • Boost engagement with push notifications to enable members to participate in the community in real-time.
      • Design your community for ‘taps’ instead of ‘clicks’ to enable an exceptional user experience. The intuitive, easy-to-use community brings exciting opportunities for boosting engagement through gamification.
      • Reach more customers and prospects through a modern, accessible entry-point.

      A mobile app can boost engagement by making it possible to connect customers with brands with a few taps. There’s no reason that your branded community should be without its own app.

      What Features Does Higher Logic’s Connected Community Mobile App Offer?

      Higher Logic recently launched a mobile app to offer users a more intuitive and personalized community experience.

      Connected Community app comes with several out-of-the-box features that ensure a boost in community engagement. Some of these features include –


      1. Feed-First Approach: Ensures a stellar experience by personalizing the content on members’ feed according to their interests. It makes the interaction with the community much more interesting by delivering the most relevant content. Additionally, real-time feed update keeps the members up-to-date with the latest content published in the community.

      2. Precise Filters for Relevant Search: Allows members to search for the most relevant posts, resources, and discussions with precise filters. They can even type in specific keywords in the search bar to look for the required content.

      3. Open Discussion Forums: Boosts quality knowledge-sharing by enabling members to participate in the discussions by posting questions or answering questions.

      4. Event Participation and Handling: Members can show their interest in the upcoming events by RSVP features. It makes event handling easier for admins by highlighting the accurate number of attendees.

      5. Add Assets to Resource Library: Admins and members can easily upload photos and other content to the library directly from their mobile devices. Allow your members to add value to the community by enabling them to add files to the library.

      6. Edit and Manage Profile: Instills a sense of belongingness by enabling members to easily make changes to their profile or change profile images, avatars, etc.

      7. Build Meaningful Connections: Community is all about networking and building quality connections. Connected Communities app allows members to search for profiles with similar interests to empower quality networking.

      If you are building a community mobile app from scratch, Higher Logic’s new Connected Community mobile app can be your best bet. It puts forward all advanced community-oriented features like open forums, resource library, event calendar, polls, surveys, content generation, etc., to deliver a stellar experience.

      Wish to Create Mobile Responsive Online Communities? Talk to Us!

      To create mobile-friendly online communities with Connected Community mobile app, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there. Check out our CMaaS expertise to understand how team Grazitti is proficient in delivering multi-dimensional online communities to ramp up your business profitability.



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