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      Chapter 3: Communities 3.0 – The Future Ahead

      Jan 23, 2023

      4 minute read

      The internet, today, is brimming with inventions like Blockchains, NFTs, DAOs, AI, Cryptocurrency, and more. What’s the common factor? The application of these inventions is interrelated. As brands and organizations are realizing their potential, they’ve started investing in emerging technologies like AI-powered chatbots. As a result, the community space is undergoing a massive shift.

      So, is this the start of the next phase of communities?

      Let’s unveil what to anticipate from Communities 3.0 and how is it going to look.

      What does Communities 3.0 Mean?

      Web 3.0 is the third-generation internet that empowers data-driven communities. It widely caters to user-oriented content through emerging technologies. Even though Web 3.0 is in development presently, community enthusiasts and leaders can’t overlook it in the digital space. This internet evolution is will enable communities with decentralization, connectivity, and intelligence to offer wholesome experiences to the members.

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      The Elements of Communities 3.0: Entering the Next Phase

      We know that communities are shifting, but what are the drivers behind this significant shift? The answer is Web 3.0 elements that turned the concept of decentralized communities into a reality. Communities 3.0 is not a stand-alone technology but a combination of several inventions, these are –


      1. Blockchain: Blockchain is a network of distributed ledgers that protects content ownership. It ensures high-level security of data by eliminating system hacking or data forging.

      2. DAOs: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are a set of rules that can be applied to a certain product or service. They can be used to develop digital contracts that are executed when certain conditions are met.

      3. NFTs: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital assets created using blockchains. NFTs could be sounds, game skins, images, or other digital assets. They are impossible to forge or duplicate due to the embedded codes in the blockchain, which makes them valuable.

      4. VR-Powered 3D Graphics: The recent explosion of designs and illustrations is backing intuitiveness of the digital platforms. And, the aesthetic evolution is showing no signs of stopping with 3D illustrations using Virtual Reality (VR).

      5. AI: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability to automatically trigger and switch a digital interaction. As it eliminates human invention, the digital space is expected to be more responsive and interactive.

      Future Communities: Major Changes to be Expected

      The implication of communities 3.0 is not limited to enhancing the features of existing communities but changing the existing community model. The aim of communities 3.0 is to make community processes more open, intelligent, and decentralized. We’re still in the process of a complete transition but the emergence of communities 3.0 is expected to result in –

      Transparent Content Ownership

      Content piracy is a significant challenge that the communities of today are witnessing. The solution to this issue? A decentralized content management system. And, the core application of blockchain technology is to eliminate data duplication and forging through a network of distributed ledgers. It not only protects content ownership but also authenticates the credibility of members across platforms. It means even if a community member moves across multiple networks, they don’t have to start from scratch. They can carry their credibility through the decentralized infrastructure.

      Generation of Consumer-Centric Data

      Communities 3.0 is meant to encourage user-generated content which will grant full control of the communities to the members. They will only see the content they wish to see and post in the community. With the peer-to-peer level networking ideology, communities are moving towards becoming an ideal platform for user engagement. Plus, it would require minimal intervention from any external management.

      Democratic Governance of Communities

      Present organizations are community-led and future communities are going to be member-led. With the implication of DAOs, members will be able to vote on the direction of their entity using governance tokens. The decentralization of community space will offer equal voting rights to community members for democratic governance, regardless of the hierarchy. In short, communities 3.0 will truly be of the members, for the members, and by the members.

      Autonomous, Intuitive, More Efficient Communities

      As communities are becoming member-led, it is possible to create self-moderating, efficient communities. With the advent of blockchain technology, communities can enhance the security of data and members. That way, communities can invest more in member engagement rather than management, resulting in truly autonomous communities. On the other hand, technologies like AI improve community responsiveness, resulting in the most efficient communities.

      Recently, tech-giant Meta started leveraging VR-powered 3D graphics. It offers an intuitive and interactive experience where members can create their avatars in the virtual world. More branded communities are getting ready to leverage this technology.

      The future of communities is promising with AI, VR, Cryptocurrency, DAOs, NFTs, Blockchains, and other emerging technologies. Today, it might seem like a far-fetched concept, but an increasing number of tech pioneers are working on making this transition reality. So, community space is already in the midst of transition to a smoother, member-led infrastructure.

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