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      Community Builder Vs QuickStart Communities

      Aug 12, 2015

      6 minute read

      What is Community Builder (

      After the subsequent Salesforce Releases (Spring ’15 & Summer ’15), Community Designer is more often referred to as Community Builder. Just like Community Designer, it is used to create custom branded pages for communities – but with some updated features. It also provides a single interface to brand or edit pages, update templates, publish changes, and more. With pre-configured templates like Kokua, Koa, Napili and Aloha, Community Builder allows you to:

      • Create a self-service community
      • Build reusable page elements
      • Create data driven pages like product catalogs, listing, etc.
      • Design pixel perfect pages
      • Create public and private pages within your community
      • Create App Launcher using the Aloha template
      • Create web-to-lead forms
      • Use Studio within Community Builder to build dynamic web pages

      Accessing Community Builder

      To customize your community with Salesforce Community Builder, you need to click Customize>Communities>All Communities from Setup. Now click on Manage, which is next to the community name. Then click Launch Community Builder in Community Management. Community Builder will now be ready to use.

      salesforce template

      Benefits of the updated Community Builder

      Lightning Community Builder has eliminated the use of code, but familiarity with html and CSS can be of much help. With latest enhancements available in the Summer ’15 release, Community Builder provides the following benefits:

      • Members or users with similar profile or permission can now be a part of a community
      • Pages can be built with advanced knowledgebase, Q&A and cases to increase customization
      • Napili – the self-service template can be used to attach files from computer or from the community itself
      • reCAPTCHA widget can be used for contact support to prevent scammers
      • “Make profile public” checkbox in User Settings page can be used to get the user contact information details
      • Profiles & Case Lists are now available in Koa and Kokua Templates
      • Sandbox can be used to publish community and test changes before the community goes live
      • Page editor can be used to style page structure, edit community pages and update community’s template
      • Branding editor can be used to upload branding images, change font and colour of the page

      Limitations of Community Builder

      Although Lightning Community Builder is a convenient tool to customize your community, yet it possesses certain limitations that need to be considered. Community Builder is not capable of:

      • providing self-service functionalities like cases, Salesforce knowledge, and Chatter Questions
      • supporting other sales, service, or platform use cases
      • providing full platform capability
      • changing Salesforce tabs+visualforce templates to a community Builder based template as it removes all tabs from your community
      • adding vfpages and custom tabs in Napili template
      • updating salesforcetabs + visualforce template
      • providing Chatter questions in communities that are built on KOA and KOKUA template
      • designing communities that are not created on Koa, Kokua, Napili and Aloha templates

      Comparison of QuickStart Communities and Community Builder

      Contents Community Builder QuickStart Communities
      Salesforce Objects
      Answers Qs Cross TickIcon
      Ideas Qs Cross TickIcon
      Knowledgebase TickIcon TickIcon
      Case TickIcon TickIcon
      Leads Qs Cross TickIcon
      Opportunities Qs Cross TickIcon
      More Custom Objects Qs Cross TickIcon
      Feed TickIcon TickIcon
      Questions TickIcon TickIcon
      Responsive Design template TickIcon TickIcon
      Custom CSS TickIcon TickIcon
      Fonts TickIcon TickIcon
      Embedded Fonts Qs Cross TickIcon
      Unlimited Pick and Choose Template Library Qs Cross TickIcon
      Gamification TickIcon TickIcon
      SOLR Full Text Search Qs Cross TickIcon
      Rich User Profiles TickIcon TickIcon
      Chatter* TickIcon TickIcon
      Google Events Qs Cross TickIcon
      SEO Possibilities
      Tags Qs Cross TickIcon
      Keywords Qs Cross TickIcon
      Search Engine friendly URLs Qs Cross TickIcon
      Bookmarking on Page Subsets Qs Cross TickIcon
      Fast Deployment TickIcon TickIcon
      Migration Qs Cross TickIcon
      Reports on activities TickIcon TickIcon
      Dashboard on Activities TickIcon TickIcon
      Support on Management Qs Cross TickIcon

      Best Practices

      • You can change the template name, status after clicking on manage>more option
      • You can find recommendations on the right side of the page if you are using Napili template
      • You can add dashboards, topics, recommendations and administrations from overview tab in community management
      • You can customize the community template to update your community’s branding and fonts
      • You can add images in topic banner and thumbnails to make community outlook attractive

      Planning to setup a custom Salesforce Community?

      At Grazitti Interactive, our team of certified Salesforce experts provide community planning, designing, development, deployment and management to set up beautiful and engaging communities. With our wide-ranging, pre-configured QuickStart CommunityTM Packages, we have delivered successful communities for companies like Marketo, Ping Identity, Alteryx, Apttus, and many more. To know more about how to deploy custom branded communities within days, just drop us a line at [email protected]

      Disclaimer: Salesforce, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Salesforce Communities, Community Designer, Community Builder,,, are all trademarks of Inc.

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