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      Comparative Analysis of Different Video Publishing Platforms

      Apr 24, 2019

      6 minute read

      It is impossible to hide from cameras in the present day and age. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and all other social media platforms’ feeds are filled with videos.

      When was the last time you browsed through your news feed and did not find a collection of videos in it? Not recently, isn’t it?

      That is because videos are the best way to boost engagement online with over 55% of social media users watching them every day.

      Even if you are good with blog posts and podcasts, you cannot have a successful marketing strategy without incorporating videos. Don’t believe it? Here are some facts:


      A lot of bloggers and marketers are now incorporating videos with their posts but do not have a vision. Yes, videos are a powerful tool but do you know the right platform to publish your video content?

      In this blog post, we will take a look at different video publishing platforms and provide a detailed comparative analysis of them all.

      But before we get into the details, let’s answer a few questions. These questions are important because they will lay a foundation for your video marketing strategy and help you improve the content creation process.


      It all starts with the ‘why’. You must have a clear purpose in mind before getting into video marketing. Without this information, you won’t be able to identify the right publishing platform.

      Remember, videos can be used for a variety of purposes like:


      How do you want to deliver video content to your customers?

      It is very important to know your audience and understand the kind of videos they would like to interact with. Will they be interested in pre-recorded videos or will they prefer interacting with live ones?

      Your audience’s preferences should determine the kind of format and platform that you should use.

      What should be the ideal budget?

      It is possible to create videos with a small budget. Some of the top YouTubers started by creating videos on their phone and delivering high-quality content consistently to engage their audience.

      You must check how much you want to spend on equipment and post-processing services. It is a good idea to avoid spending money on expensive equipment initially if you are bootstrapping your video marketing project.

      Now that we have the answers to these basic questions, let’s take a look at different video publishing platforms:

      Part 1: Top Video Platforms for Pre-Recorded Content


      One of the most popular video platform today, YouTube is home to 1.5 billion active monthly users. Many Vloggers have made a full-time career by posting content on YouTube.

      This makes YouTube an extremely lucrative platform to publish videos.

      Why you should publish your content on YouTube?

      • YouTube videos appear at the top of Google SERPs and can be viewed easily
      • Videos can be shared easily on different social media platforms
      • YouTube allows people to subscribe to your channel to get updates about any new videos
      • Ads platform allows you to generate more revenue for your business
      • YouTube videos can be embedded into websites and landing pages easily
      • Adding related videos to a playlist can help viewers consume more content

      Why you should not publish your content on YouTube?

      • Videos can be downloaded, ripped, and stolen easily due to low security
      • Some videos take a lot of time to buffer
      • Suggested videos are not always relevant
      • Ads and pop-ups before and during a video often annoy users
      • Publishers should be aware of copyright infringement

      What does it cost?

      YouTube offers free hosting for video creators and viewers can watch videos for free.


      This platform is developed for business owners. It is very popular among entrepreneurs. Despite being expensive, it is considered to be a powerful platform for businesses.

      Why you should publish your content on Wistia?

      • Detailed dynamics like video engagement metrics, heat maps and more as compared to other video platforms
      • Mobile responsive nature allows viewers to adjust display dimensions to fit their device
      • Videos can be password protected to restrict viewing
      • Allows content creators to include call-to-action links and lead capture forms
      • Ability to include keywords in video description and title makes it SEO friendly

      Why you should not publish your content on Wistia?

      • It is the most expensive platform in the market
      • The pricing structure is based on the number of videos uploaded
      • Requires payment for short videos as well
      • Customization to video player is possible after getting a paid account only

      What does it cost?

      You get a free account for up to 3 videos but have to pay around $99/month to upload 10 videos.


      Although it has a limit to how many videos can be uploaded, Vimeo is a great fit if you are looking forward to adding a more professional look to your videos.

      Also, it has powerful analytics, customization options, and an active community.

      Why you should publish your content on Vimeo?

      • Ideal for posting long online conferences and summits as there is no duration cap for a video for paid accounts
      • Better video display as compared to other platforms on full screen
      • No pop-ups or advertisements
      • Offers advanced analytics within the dashboard
      • Better for uploading professional documentaries and short films

      Why you should not publish your content on Vimeo?

      • Low exposure on search results as compared to YouTube
      • Investing in a paid account is a must to get the most out of Vimeo
      • Has file size limits and no package contains an unlimited number of video uploads

      What does it cost?

      A Plus account with 5GB per week can be bought at around $7 per month subscription.

      Part 2: Top Video Platforms for Improved Shareability and Live Videos


      You can easily upload pre-recorded content on Facebook pages and groups to improve shareability. Facebook Live feature is another low-key yet effective way to connect with the audience.

      With Facebook Live, you can:

      • Talk to your followers instantly
      • Create custom descriptions and drop links for your videos
      • Have a call-to-action
      • Share important information during the live stream

      Facebook analytics can give you a clear idea about how your videos are performing. Since Facebook already has an active user base, you can start experimenting right away.


      Snapchat has transformed into a popular video consumption platform. But is it a right fit for business?

      Let’s take a look at some facts about Snapchat:

      • 60% of Snapchat users are younger than 25 years
      • Snapchat users watch over 10 billion videos daily
      • Funny photo filters are the reason for its popularity
      • Introduced the stories feature before Instagram

      If you want to reach out to millennials, then Snapchat is the right fit for your videos.


      Similar to Facebook Live, Instagram has its share of dedicated users known as Instagram followers. Instagram Live is a great way to market your product within the Instagram feed.

      Why you should use Instagram:

      • Easy to use and get started
      • Initiate important conversations with others and get ideas
      • Allows followers to contact you easily
      • 10-second video clips can create a major impact when used in the right way

      Both Instagram Stories and Instagram Live are a great way to spark innovative ideas and share videos to promote your business.

      To Wrap Up

      With this information about the most popular video promotion platforms, you should be ready to take the next step towards publishing your content.

      Make sure you make the best use of this comparison and create an effective video marketing strategy with more confidence.

      Know of any other video publishing platforms? Share your inputs in the comments section below.

      Do not let the competition outsmart you. Start creating awesome content today. Let’s talk!

      For more information about our video services, email us at [email protected] or visit our website.

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