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      Decoding the Tomorrow of Communities With Future Predictions—Insights From Community (re)Focus, 2022

      Mar 07, 2023

      2 minute read

      2020 saw a rapid shift to online and screen-based communication. Many businesses pivoted towards online communities to build closer, more meaningful relationships with their audiences, customers, and clients.

      At the same time, individuals were driven to connect with friends and family digitally.
      Not just this, they also joined formal and informal groups and communities that matched their interests, passions, or professions.

      If the word of the year 2022 isn’t ‘community’, then it’s likely to be related to Crypto, NFTs, DAOs, or the Metaverse.

      And to talk about all this, we invited community leaders from across industries at our virtual conference-Community (re)Focus, 2022. Our esteemed speakers for the session were:

      Let’s gaze deeper into the community crystal ball and explore more about the future of online communities, shall we?

      Missed the session? Fret not! Watch the recording here.

      Community Predictions

      Will User-Generated Content Continue to Prevail in Online Communities?

      Jephtah explained that with brands becoming more customer-centric, user-generated content will still remain the king of online communities. However, if we look at future trends, user-generated content will become more dynamic and streamlined. Monetization of community content is the strategy that most brands will adopt in the future. Adding to this, Jeffrey suggested that in the B2C space, the incentive for community members to generate their own content is invaluable. This not only helps the brand in the product development process but provides insights into their preferences.

      AI + ML: The Power Duo for Communities of the Future

      Yurii stated that data science, when combined with online communities, will enable brands to get a better view of the customer’s moods, needs, and preferences.

      It will be easier for brands to decode the intention behind the queries, suggestions, and content that they post in the community. He continued to explain that communities run on human interaction but integrating chatbots in the community will help brands save time by filtering repetitive questions.

      Jephtah further mentioned that AI & ML will empower brands to automate community processes and deliver a superlative customer experience.

      Upcoming Technologies That Will Shape the Future of Communities

      Concluding the session, Yurii mentioned that in the future, we might witness innovations such as an advanced tool for automating community messages while still maintaining human touch. Jeffrey stated that he would like to use a tool that streamlines the community reporting system for faster processes. Jephtah also mentioned that DAOs, NFT, and crypto will play a significant role in making communities more cutting-edge.

      Explore More About Building Cutting-Edge Online Communities. Talk to Us!

      In case you missed Grazitti’s exclusive virtual summit-Community (re)Focus, 2022, replay all the fun here. To know more about our community services, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’d be more than happy to help.

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