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      Digital Marketing Checklist for 2024

      Jun 03, 2024

      5 minute read

      Every year, new platforms, channels, and updates to digital marketing surface on the internet.

      2024 is all set to bring in technological change in digital marketing.

      The digital transformation and varied customer interests make it crucial to align marketing strategies with the latest industry trends.

      This blog post will help you learn more about digital marketing trends, such as those related to social media, SEO, and analytics.

      You’ll also learn how digital marketing is bringing ROI to B2B and B2C. Let’s dive in!

      The Scope of Digital Marketing Across Industries

      With the world connected by a digital thread, marketing on digital platforms enables brands to build a strong presence, provided effective strategies are in place.

      For instance, Zappos, an online eCommerce leader, invests heavily in social media and content marketing and prioritizes the needs of customers.

      Airbnb is a classic example of effective digital marketing. The vacation rental company leverages user-generated pictures and videos on social media.

      Likewise, UNIQLO, Tesla, and Mobile Monkey have built effective strategies that make the most of digital platforms.

      The B2B Digital Marketing Landscape

      B2B marketing is evolving due to opportunities emerging from the digital transformation.

      This has encouraged marketers to reimagine marketing and make it more effective than ever before in the following ways:

      a. They are looking to implement AI and take marketing automation and advertising to the next level.
      b. They are investing in and experimenting with chatbots to generate and nurture leads.
      c. Videos will continue to be a part of B2B content strategies since consumers prefer watching video over reading text.
      d. Executing personalized marketing campaigns to shorten the sales cycle will keep trending.

      The B2C Digital Marketing Landscape

      Having a strong digital footprint is critical to impacting buyer behavior with a good impression.

      Here’s how B2C marketers are aligning marketing efforts to attain business objectives:

      a. Hosting virtual events and leveraging influencer marketing
      b. Exploring B2C eCommerce
      c. Using ad formats on Instagram such as Image Ads, Story Ads, Video Ads, and Carousel Ads
      d. Targeting customers by running social media contests and growing email lists to capture leads
      e. Powering customer support with chatbots and AI

      The Ultimate Digital Marketing Checklist for 2024

      Here is a checklist that will help you prepare an effective plan of action for 2024 and beyond.

      Social Media Trends

      1. Social eCommerce will continue creating seamless shopping experiences and drive sales.

      2. YouTube advertising has a promising future.

      3. LinkedIn’s new features for company pages (post templates and link stickers) will boost in-app engagement.

      4. Instagram’s ‘Media Kit’ features will help secure influencer marketing deals.

      5. Meta call ad updates and new callback options will help lead generation.

      6. Twitter will trend with new video showcase elements.

      7. TikTok will be the most direct marketing approach to reach Gen Z.

      8. Artificial Intelligence will drive personalized marketing on social media.

      Social eCommerce will drive sales as searches for “Instagram shopping” have increased by 5,400% in 10 years.

      9. User-generated content will trend, compared to ads, since 96% of consumers do not trust the latter.

      11. HubSpot calls video marketing “one of, if not the, most important marketing trend today and likely for the next 5-10 years”.

      12. 54% of global customers have a more favorable view of brands that respond to customer queries on social media. Therefore, social media will remain the primary medium for customer support.

      13. Bite-sized content will gain prominence owing to the shorter attention spans it caters to.

      Social Media Trends 2023

      Google Search Trends

      1. Google will give preference to real people’s experiences and add insights to search results including ‘Discussions and Forums’.

      2. Standard Universal Analytics properties stopped processing data from July 1st, 2023.

      3. Google will emphasize content quality and depth to change broader SEO.

      4. Google has updated its review ranking process. Instead of thinly summarized content and product reviews, detailed product reviews will be given more preference.

      5. The Google search results page is turning into a search portal.

      Google Search Trends 2023

      Search Engine Optimization Trends

      1. Core Web Vitals will remain a significant ranking factor.

      2. Focus on long-tail keywords will increase.

      3. User experience will matter more than ever.

      4. Long-form and detailed content will rank high.

      5. Semantic search will be prioritized and keyword stuffing won’t work.

      6. Video content will be preferred over text-based content.

      7. Mobile-optimized sites will perform better.

      8. Online reputation and brand image will matter even more.

      9. Image optimization & accessibility will be key to a faster website.

      10. Local search and Google Business Profile optimization will trend.

      11. Voice search optimization will be prominent.

      12. Visual search will play a big role.

      13. Quality will rank over quantity for earning backlinks.

      14. The role of artificial intelligence will expand further.

      Search Engine Optimization Trends 2023

      Analytics Trends

      1. Embedded analytics is likely to continue as more businesses identify how it can benefit users.

      2. There will be emphasis on first-party data after Google announced the discontinuation of third-party cookie data.

      3. Automation will be combined with advanced data analysis to improve customer satisfaction.

      4. Investment in real-time analysis and reporting tools will increase to help businesses make quick and informed marketing decisions.

      Email Marketing Trends

      1. Email open rate will be a less reliable metric for Apple Mail users, according to the iOS 15 update.

      2. Adding interactive elements to emails will trend.

      3. AI-based email marketing will continue to build a presence.

      4. Personalization in emails will remain a priority.

      5. Mobile-responsive emails and transparency will be key

      7. There will be focus on A/B testing instead of an assumption-based email marketing strategy.

      8. User-generated content will become common in marketing emails.

      Wrapping Up

      It is a best practice to analyze what’s trending in the marketing space and ensure that your business is ready to enter 2024.

      This checklist will help you gather the latest marketing trends and rethink your brand approach for the year ahead.

      Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2024 With the Latest Trends. Get Started Today!

      At Grazitti, we’ve compiled an eBook with the latest trends and predictions to enable you to build an effective digital marketing strategy for 2024. Download your copy, here. To know more about our digital marketing solutions, please write to us at [email protected] and our digital wizards will take it from there.

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