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      Divi vs Elementor – Choose the Right WordPress Page Builder for Your Business

      Aug 12, 2020

      4 minute read

      For WordPress users, Divi and Elementor are well-known terms. While Divi comprises original theme and page builder combos for WordPress, Elementor is a full-suite free page builder.

      With both of these page builders having numerous features and plugins, making a choice becomes difficult for any enterprise. To make a cost-effective and long term decision, it is important to consider the aspects Divi and Elementor differ on.

      Let us take a look at the major features and differentiating factors of the two widely acclaimed and preferred page building platforms:

      divi vs elementor

      1. User-Friendly Interface

      Beginners would quickly be able to understand and use the features of Divi. It also consists of advanced features for experienced developers to help create dynamic web pages for clients, obviating the hassles of writing backend codes.

      Used by over 1 million websites, Elementor boasts of simplistic designs that are easy to grasp and use, especially for first time WordPress users. Furthermore, it doesn’t leave a huge cluster of shortcodes to be dealt with.

      2. Content Modules

      Divi builder consists of 46 content modules with many other add-ons from third-party developers.

      Consisting of 29 modules in the free version and an extra 30 in pro, Elementor also allows add-ons from third-party developers.

      3. Content Retention

      The content remains unaffected even after the Divi plugin is deactivated. However, a bulk of shortcodes is left behind with none of the style and formatting available.

      It’s the same with Elementor, where some formatting and styles may not work properly. In comparison to Divi, the page still looks readable even with some shortcodes.

      4. Popup Builder & A/B Testing

      Divi consists of an A/B testing feature which is helpful for an enterprise to build landing pages. Performance analysis of different variants like headlines, images, etc. in a module can be done.

      For Elementor, third-party solutions such as Google Optimize or Split Test for Elementor can be used which are not that easy and specific as Divi’s in-house feature.

      5. Speed & Performance

      Divi builder seems to be a bit slow due to the file sizes of all the modules and various functionality options. It also further has few HTTP requests to deal with.

      The speed of Elementor is quite impressive with smaller file size, thus ensuring easy web page creation. The plug-ins are also easy & simple to use.

      6. Support

      Divi has both chat and email support. In case of a busy network on the chat portal, the answers are emailed.

      Elementor has only email support.

      7. Free Trial & Versions

      There is no free trial version of Divi. However, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if the developer or marketing managers of the enterprise aren’t satisfied with the results.

      On the other side, Elementor comes with both free and paid pro versions. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee but there isn’t a free trial for the pro version.

      8. Pricing

      Divi has two pricing plans that let you work on unlimited websites:

      • Yearly Access – $89 with one year of support and updates
      • Lifetime Access – $249 with lifetime support and updates

      Elementor uses a site-based licensing approach with three alternatives for a one year license:

      • Personal – $49 for one site
      • Plus – $99 for three sites
      • Expert – $199 for 1,000 sites (essentially unlimited, but capped at 1,000 to prevent abuse)
      divi vs elementor

      The Elementor Pro version would require renewal after a year to continue receiving support and updates.

      Considering pricing quotations of both the platforms, Elementor will be cheaper if you only need to use it on a single site, whereas Divi will be better if you need to use it on multiple websites.

      Refer to the table below to dive deep into the similarities and differences that both these WordPress Page Builders have.

      divi vs elementor

      While both Divi and Elementor come with their own set of pros and cons, it is upon the businesses to choose the way they want to walk on. Since, both have their own amazing set of features and plugins to offer, either of them can yield apt results depending upon the goals and requirements of the concerned business.

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