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      Enhance Support Experience by Integrating Zendesk With Slack and Jira

      Sep 23, 2021

      3 minute read

      CX is the new battleground for brands to compete on, especially when approximately 80% of B2B buyers[i] expect a buying experience like that of B2C customers.

      To deliver a stellar customer experience, brands aren’t shying away from incorporating the best of technology tools and platforms for a superior tech stack that can help get an edge over their competitors.

      However, unless you manage and integrate your tech stack carefully, you could witness siloed data and substandard customer experiences.

      So, how can you ensure a robust technology stack that doesn’t slow you down? Let’s find out.

      The Building Blocks of a Scalable Tech Stack


      It all starts with choosing a flexible technology system that doesn’t compromise on functionality and can be switched in and out as your business scales and your requirements change.

      Apart from your CRM and marketing automation platform, there are other technology tools that can be added to your tech stack to yield better results.

      Platforms like Zendesk for better customer service, Slack for collaboration, and Jira for project management are the most popular choices to create a solid tech stack. And if you integrate these platforms with finesse, you can witness better business operations and ROI.

      For instance, Zendesk and Slack integrations enable you to streamline tasks with collaborative workflows. It has all the necessary tools that your support teams can leverage.

      On the other hand, Zendesk and Jira enable you to keep the goals of your support and development teams in tandem. Loaded with features such as ticket syncing, issues escalation, projects, groups, assignees, comments, and more, you can keep the needs of your customers in the center and serve them better.

      To better understand the concept, here’s an account that defines how one of our customers was able to incorporate these integrations and capitalize on the benefits derived from them.

      How it Began

      The customer understood the importance of technology in building better customer experiences. That’s why they were using Slack for collaboration, Jira for issue tracking and project management, and had recently added Zendesk to improve their support-related services for users whenever they raised tickets for any issue. To leverage the true potential of Zendesk for better support, they wanted to integrate Zendesk Support into Slack and Zendesk with Jira for better collaboration between the product and support teams.

      What We Did

      Created a Bi-Directional Sync Between Zendesk and Slack

      • After thoroughly analyzing their systems, we created a bi-directional sync between Zendesk and Slack.
      • We used a webhook from Slack and enabled a trigger via JSON in Zendesk. As a result, when a new ticket was created, users were able to receive notifications via Slack.
      • With this sync, the Slack users were able to create tickets in Zendesk Support while using Slack Workspace. They could also add internal notes in the form of comments on existing tickets.

      Created a Uni-Directional Sync Between Zendesk and Jira

      • We installed an out-of-the-box (OOB) plugin provided by Zendesk on Jira and the Zendesk production environment to integrate Zendesk and Jira.
      • We installed, integrated, and configured a uni-directional sync between Jira and Zendesk. With this, the user could create a Jira ticket and their team could easily see the Zendesk ticket related to it. Additionally, users could create a Jira ticket right from the Zendesk platform.

      A well-integrated tech stack gets you and your team closer and more connected to each other and your customers. It not only improves collaboration, but ultimately, takes your support game a level up.

      For a detailed look into the solutions and the outcomes of these solutions, check out this case study.

      Wish to amplify your support services? Talk to us!

      If you want to integrate any of your platforms with Zendesk, Slack, or Jira, our experts would be happy to pitch in. To know more about any of our products and services, drop us a line at [email protected].


      [i] B2B Customer Experience

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