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      Demand Generation

      Feel that you are marketing at random? Take this Quiz

      Feb 18, 2014

      < 1 minute read

      Converting people from strangers, visitors, leads, customers, and finally to promoters; needs marketing and sales alignment. When you do not have this in place, your marketing efforts are “marketing at random” and your sales people are not clear on how to get the leads move forward. A lose-lose case for all. In such a scenario, customer experiences are bound to suffer and more and more customers start behaving like this:

      1. Letting emails go unanswered, not attending calls, refusing to schedule meetings.
      2. Getting fed up with your reps due to the unanswered calls and lack of replies from reps.
      3. Asking same questions again and again regardless of where they are in the funnel.
      4. Getting disengaged due to long delays from your side between the first contact and follow up calls.
      5. They are unclear about the product, even with a lot of communication from your side.
      6. Giving vague/no answers to your inquiries for further sales, experience with trial products.

      Marketing Automation

      What will save the day? Answer is marketing automation. As per Aberdeen, Forrester and The Annuitas Group, the organizations using marketing automation have recorded:

      • 107% better lead conversion rate
      • 451% in qualified leads
      • 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost
      • 45% lift in lead generation ROI
      • 40% greater average deal size

      Here’s a quiz to help you decide why adopting Marketing automation is important and how you can optimize it ahead to increase the ROI for your marketing campaigns.

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