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      Google Carbon Footprint Calculator

      May 05, 2009

      2 minute read

      The Google innovation engine continues to chug! Hats off to Google Maps for their efforts to map the whole world. Everyday new countries are being added to the main Google map. Initially only few countries were visible on the Google maps, most prominently being the USA, UK. They had all their roads, bridges, cities, and states mapped out, benefiting their people in many ways, e.g., to find routes, taxi fares, hotels, rental apartments, and many more. However, countries like India were not on the Google Map till last month.

      Last year, one of our clients wanted us to do 2 things – allow prospective buyers to understand that their daily commute was within the range of a single charge on their electric vehicle and to measure carbon footprint of vehicular travel of fossil fuel vehicles in large metros like Delhi. After evaluating all the options available – we figured google had the most accurate maps however, the key challenge was to calculate the distance covered by a vehicle on any given route because Google did not have detailed information about roads and routes for India. Taking over the challenge, Grazitti Interactive developed a Carbon Footprint Calculator application that measured the carbon footprint by calculating the distance covered by the vehicle. Our application enabled users to draw a route by connecting series of locations and know the total distance for that route. In addition, users can click animate to see their vehicle run on the track. With the limited geographic information available to our development team, we managed to develop and execute our application on Google maps.

      Google Carbon Footprint Calculator Google Carbon Footprint Calculator

      To our pleasant surprise – Google’s maps makers have mapped all Indian cities, roads and other places, it has become easier to calculate distance and also search for driving directions and rendered the cludgy part of our application that required someone to plot their route in great detail. It is amazing how Google is using the power of people to enhance its product and provide better user experience.Contact us for Web Applications Development.

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