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      Big Data Analytics

      How analytics tools lead customer engagement revolution

      Sep 29, 2015

      3 minute read

      According to Ronen Schwartz, VP & GM, Informatica Cloud – “We live in an age of customer engagement where businesses are engaging with their customers through multiple social and mobile channels – trying to predict their interests and buying behaviour”. As organizations are expanding their use of data to deliver competitive advantages in the market, the need for driving their own big data analysis is becoming a critical issue. Salesforce’s Analytics Cloud, powered by the Wave Platform provides a dynamic user experience to explore any data source with very little effort. With this integration, customers can easily interact with your organization and explore data to arrive at solutions that lead to faster business decisions and actions.

      Features of the Wave Platform

      As a data platform, Wave encompasses all the sales, service, and marketing data that Salesforce customers generate. It leverages data to improve operational efficiency and increase sales and customer satisfaction by providing:

      • Greater visibility and control on accuracy over the process
      • More effective customer interaction to uncover new opportunities
      • Speed searching to accommodate big data
      • High-level data privacy and security for analysing confidential data


      Benefits of the Sales Wave Analytics app

      Salesforce’s sales analytics makes it difficult for sales organizations to search critical business data without a team of analysts, but the Sales Wave Analytics app has brought self-service BI at every doorstep. This enables users to transform customer relationship by:

      Gathering customer information using Analytics tools

      Analytics tools help tracking site visitors that allows organizations to set up automated campaigns. This helps gather information about customers and their interests to engage with them more effectively.

      Interacting with customers in real time

      Big data allows organizations to set up a real-time conversation with their customers and understand their needs to offer relevant products or services accordingly. This encourages customers to interact again with the organization and help organizations to check cost effect and improve performance simultaneously.

      Discovering data insights with high-speed search-based query index

      Analytics app allows users to make a quick iterative search for customer queries at any point of time. Users can also discover, personalize, filter, measure, regroup and even share data insights as well as dashboards with the query index.

      Performing risk analysis

      Predictive analytics enables organizations to use big data to move from a historical view to a forward-looking perspective of the customer. This will help to predict future customer needs, detecting and preventing threats, and guiding frontline decisions.

      Providing high-level data security

      Big data tools help organizations to meet high-level data privacy and data security requirements for analysing confidential data. It helps to detect potentially sensitive information that is not protected in an appropriate manner, and store it according to regulatory requirements.

      Customizing websites in real time

      Big data analytics allows organizations to personalize the content or look & feel of their website in real time that suits each customer landing on their website.

      Offering enterprise-wide insights

      Big data tools allow technical teams to develop systems and install interactive and dynamic visualization tools that help business users to analyse, view and benefit from the data.

      Creating multiple dashboards

      Analytics tools enables users to build fully customizable dashboards by combining multiple data sets from other Salesforce applications, third party applications and other machine-generated data.

      Looking for a complete analytics solution for your organization?

      At Grazitti Interactive, our experienced data scientists provide you with valuable insights to improve your entire decision-making process. Companies like Marketo, Alteryx, DealSignal, and more have been leveraging our Predictive Analytics Services for more targeted and accurate marketing, sales and other business actions. To learn more about the power of cloud-based analytics solutions feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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