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      How COVID-19 Is Transforming Influencer Marketing

      Oct 20, 2020

      3 minute read

      As COVID-19 transforms the global economy, businesses are building strategies to make the most of the changing digital landscape.

      For instance, brands are collaborating increasingly with influencers.

      This change presents a range of challenges, as well as opportunities, for digital marketing.

      Therefore, in this blog post, we look at how the pandemic is transforming influencer marketing, and how you can make the most of this change to drive highly engaging digital marketing campaigns.

      Let’s get started!


      The Impact of COVID-19 on Influencer Marketing

      As marketers try to get messages across to their audience in an increasingly competitive advertising industry, there is an increased focus on influencer marketing.

      Brands and influencers are transitioning from transaction-based to relationship-based marketing.

      This means a renewed emphasis on building customer loyalty and retention.

      At the same time, influencer sponsorship deals and events are being canceled.

      Businesses are postponing campaigns with influencer marketing agencies.

      However, there is a silver lining in all of this.

      Influencers, who commonly develop and launch content from home, have adapted marketing strategies to suit the needs of a stay-at-home audience.

      This means focusing on topics such as fitness, healthy eating, hobbies, and more.

      In fact, this has led Instagram influencers to get a 67.7% boost in likes and more than a 50% increase in comments.

      Therefore, influencer sites are witnessing a stronger flow of traffic and engagement.

      With influencer pricing rising by just 3.1%, the approach presents a range of opportunities for highly-engaging marketing, especially during the times we live in.

      The Impact of COVID-19 on Social Media

      Research shows that while 63% of consumers are spending more time on social media, 58% noticed an increased number of influencers.

      With 500% growth in YouTube views on March 15, as compared to the daily average, videos on meditation, cooking, and exercising have become highly popular.

      It’s quite clear that the consumption of content on social media is growing with an increase in traffic and engagement across platforms.

      This trend has the potential to alter social media habits in the long-term, presenting a bright future for influencer marketing.

      Expand customer engagement and establish a strong brand presence with an effective social media strategy.

      Build yours today!

      The Effectiveness of Influencer Marketing

      Research also suggests that 78% of B2B marketers believe that prospects rely on influencers for advice.

      In addition to this, 74% think that influencers help improve prospect and customer experience.

      In fact, influencers enable you to provide more value and highly-targeted messaging to your audience, on a cost per thousand exposures basis.

      This means an increased ability to reach a larger share of your audience.

      And with influencer marketing involving emphasis on a larger range of products, this ability only gets stronger.

      Therefore, select an influencer who can showcase your products and services in the most engaging way possible.

      Wrapping Up

      In this blog post, we looked at how COVID-19 is transforming influencer marketing to help you learn more about driving highly engaging digital marketing campaigns.

      By rapidly adjusting to changing content consumption, influencers are likely to continue playing an important role in effective digital marketing.

      Take advantage of boosted engagement levels with sponsored posts, as followers stream in to view influencer content.

      Drive Highly Engaging Marketing Campaigns With Effective Influencer Marketing!

      At Grazitti, the digital marketing team is dedicated to helping you power highly engaging digital marketing campaigns.

      Start your journey today!

      Should you want to know more, simply write to us at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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