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      How to Build A New SEO Strategy for Google Panda

      Jul 19, 2011

      2 minute read

      Google Panda is the new update from Google to fight against low quality and duplicate content in websites. If your website has no relevant content or any copied content, then you are going to be affected by this change. The main purpose of this change from Google is to promote quality content with uniqueness.

      SEO methods changed with Google Panda update:

      After Google Panda, SEO methods need to be viewed from a fresh perspective. All methods of link building strategies and the direction are changed in some dimensions as a result of this update. All the efforts that go into increasing the page rank of a website are modified by Google Panda.

      SEO Strategy for Google Panda

      Strategy to recover if you have been hit by a Google Panda update:

      Pay more and more attention to SEO. Here are some key points for SEO updates that a webmaster should consider after suffering a hit by Google Panda.

      • First priority to On Page Optimization: You have to give first priority to on page optimization. The absence of this will play an important role in displacing website traffic. So if you want more traffic on your website, you have to concentrate on On-Page optimization.
      • Social Networking Sites: With SEO, you have to include social networking links within your site. So you have to give attention to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn also.
      • Fresh, Quality content on your website: Google loves new content. So post frequently fresh and quality content on your website. Avoid copying and pasting the content on your website.
      • Quality Back Links: Stop link building from low quality site. Always try to take back links from quality sites.
      • Knowledge of Internet linking strategy: The internet linking strategy you are applying must be well understood. That is designed to raise the informative value of content that is on your page.
      • Use strong signals: Implement sitemaps, robots.txt file, and all the standard URLs so that you can build strong signals within your relevant pages.

      So, if you want to recover from a Google Panda hit, you should apply such strategies. With the help of these key points you can increase your page rank and get more traffic on your website.

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