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      How to Extend your Lithium Community for an Extremely Engaging User Experience

      Oct 30, 2014

      2 minute read

      Lithium is one of the most popular community platforms. With serving

      • 300 brands,
      • 75+ million customers a month engaging through Lithium networks,
      • 13 billion consumer interactions a year, and
      • content consumption at the rate of 6,000 posts per minute; 372,000 per hour; and 165,000,000 a month;


      Lithium backs many successful communities of companies like AutoDesk, Skype, Virgin Atlantic and others. These successful communities engage their customers, successfully cut costs and are cultivating advocates.

      Lihtium is a great platform on its own and with killer community management, any community on this platform is sure to shine. However, you need more. Alongwith the basic features in your Lithium community, you need to extend your community with some advanced features.

      You need features that compel your members to come to your community regularly. (Although, there’s a psychological aspect to it too. Read more on that here.)

      Here are those five features that will rock your Lithium Community.

      • Federated Search
        Federated search technology enables users to search multiple information resources simultaneously through one search query.


        Why it is Important?
        • Efficiency, time savings
        • Quality of search results
        • Ability to accurately locate the most current, relevant content
      • Landing Page Moderation
        More power to moderator to manage Landing Page elements


        Why it is Important?
        • Reduce dependency on developers
        • Lessen development process cost
        • Do updates on landing pages whenever required with no delay
      • Seamless CRM Integration
        Need for quick turnaround and accurate data transfer is more critical than ever to ensure relevancy and engage customers better.


        Why it is Important?
        • Empowers moderators to escalate community interactions directly to cases, thereby greatly reducing response time.
        • Directly report interactions with users to your crm, and have almost real-time synchronization of activities within the community.
        • Bi-directional integration between crm and community
      • Hyper Customization
        Layout customized to make the layout extremely user friendly, functional and aesthetically appealing
      • Responsive Design
        Current mobile Lithium communities miss out on a lot of important features. Responsive ensures that anyone can access your site from any device, without missing out on any great functionalities. (Psst… we are one of the first ones offering this; just talk to our experts for more information on this or see our on-demand webinar)


        Why it is Important?
        • Access key features on mobile
        • Seamless user experience
        • High interaction – increase in active users
        • Cost effective

      Clearly, age of basic online communities is over. Take a look at the Optiverse community – Optimizely’s online community and see how they have implemented some of these features and are successfully engaging their users.

      About Grazitti Lithium Services

      We have delivered scalable, efficient, beautiful and engaging communities for Optimizely, Centrify, Open Table and more that are integrated seamlessly with your existing systems. We offer all Lithium community services – Strategy, Design, Setup, Integrations, Deployment, Data Migration, and Support. Read in detail

      To learn more about our Lithium community services or talk to our Lithium experts, drop us a line at [email protected]

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