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      How to Measure Performance for a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

      May 25, 2017

      3 minute read

      Measuring the success of your content marketing efforts can be challenging. In fact, according to a report published by Content Marketing Institute, 49% of marketers said measuring the impact of their content was one of the top challenges faced by them. One of the reasons why it is challenging is because of the different types of content produced or different tools available to measure its success. It is not as simple as looking at a metric and determining the trend. You need to know which type of content is the right content for your audience, and how relevant and fruitful it will be for them. If you are reading this blog, this is probably because you are struggling to create an effective content marketing strategy that uses measurement and analytics to optimize and improve conversion.

      In this blog post, you’ll learn about:

      • The importance of measuring content performance
      • Using a two-way approach to measure the impact of content marketing

      Measuring content performance Measuring content performance can help increase sales leads, conversions and return on investment. Integrate measurement into your content marketing strategy as it allows you to:

      • Gauge the performance of your individual assets
      • Perform A/B tests and validate which content should be placed where in the buyers’ journey
      • Figure out which metrics can successfully analyse the accurate performance of your content
      • Create informed marketing plans by understanding all methods for effective conversion

      Gaining clarity on content performance is hardly easy, but if you’ve got your content KPIs in place, you’ll sooner or later be able to measure your content success.Measuring content performance

      Two-way measurement approach

      Many people have written about how to conduct an “apple to apple” comparison when measuring content performance. Metrics like conversion, social media engagement and page views are all old school, and often can be extremely complicated. To effectively measure your content, you need to create a plan that offers you visibility into how content types perform within specific channels and positions in the buyer’s journey. The plan can be divided into two parts:

      First, identify the most relevant metrics for each content piece and set goals. Continuously measure performance against the set benchmark. This will help you understand the impact of each asset. You can also look at your collective assets in each phase of the buyer’s journey.

      The second step includes understanding an asset’s impact on conversion. See if your content piece moves your audience to the next phase of the buyer’s journey. Having a baseline understanding of your customers’ journey can help you align the most appropriate content with the same.

      This two-pronged approach can help you map the progression of consumers in the sales funnel. It also helps you create content that maximizes quality leads for your sales team. It is a strategic approach that allows you to see the effectiveness of your overall content marketing programs. This approach provides you with the data needed to monitor and manage each segment’s performance, thereby aiding you in decision-making.


      Your content marketing endeavours should be integrated with a measurement strategy for better visibility through data and facilitation of content delivery that could generate the maximum number of high-quality leads. This valuable data will empower you to make informed marketing decisions and take advantage of unnoticed opportunities for growth.

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