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      Email to Case Advance

      How to Simplify Case Management in Salesforce Service Cloud?

      Jan 25, 2023

      2 minute read

      Customer satisfaction is directly or indirectly related to agent productivity. When agents understand customers’ problems, provide them contextualized support, and resolve their problems quickly, it shows their productivity. And productive agents are likely to make your customers happier.

      However, it is not as easy as it seems.

      Solving customer cases fastly and efficiently is one of the biggest challenges for support teams. And for that, they need specialized tools.

      So, in order to overcome these challenges and streamline the support processes, Salesforce introduced Salesforce Service Cloud.

      Salesforce Service Cloud equips your agents with the tools that they need to accelerate their productivity and put customers at the center. And Email-to-Case is one of the most prominent tools that it offers.

      Email-to-Case: A Synopsis

      Salesforce’s Email-to-Case feature allows you to create a case from an email in your inbox. It connects your mailbox to Salesforce, improving email efficiency and service level agreements.

      Besides, Email-to-Case converts emails into cases automatically, streamlines customer service interactions, adds new contacts automatically, and saves Email-to-Case attachments as Salesforce files. It enables support agents to easily track and resolve customer issues.

      However, there are some features that are not natively present in it such as:

      • Finding relevant information in threaded email communication
      • Managing duplicate cases
      • Attaching multiple files to case comments
      • Managing emails that come from non-customers

      And, to address these issues, experts at Grazitti Interactive have developed Email to Case Advance, (E2CA).

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      Email to Case Advance (E2CA): A Robust Case Management Solution

      Email-to-Case Advance is an enhanced version of Salesforce’s standard Email-to-Case solution. It brings in features and functions that are not natively available in Email to Case. This premium product from Grazitti Interactive accelerates the case management process from start to finish, enabling support representatives to improve their efficiency. Here is a quick look at its features:

      • Enables agents to view cleaned emails and case comments
      • Notifies everyone in the email including those in CC and BCC
      • Avoids email looping that occurs due to auto-responders
      • Helps you manage closed cases more effectively
      • Enables agents to send personalized replies

      And more.

      One of the best things about E2CA is that it doesn’t interfere with any standard Salesforce Service Cloud features like customized email templates, page layouts, or new email notifications. It facilitates better productivity for the support agents by providing them a single view of information.


      Email to Case Advance comes with amazing features, functionalities, and benefits that can be a boon to your business. By enabling support agents to resolve customer cases quickly and efficiently, it is the key to deliver effective CX.

      To learn more about how E2CA can help simplify case management on the Salesforce Experience Cloud and improve agent productivity, watch our on-demand webinar.

      Want Assistance in Enabling Email-To-Case Advance in Your Salesforce-powered Community? Talk to Us!

      Should you have any more questions, just write to us at [email protected] and we will take it from there.

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