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      How Video Marketing Plays a Crucial Role in Customer Journey

      Aug 24, 2022

      4 minute read

      Buying habits of the new-age customers change rapidly. So, businesses constantly seek new methods to engage them.

      Look around the web and you’ll notice that video marketing has emerged as a significant approach to engage potential buyers. Video is in fact one of the most effective methods a company can use to increase brand awareness and boost customer loyalty.

      In this blog post, we will understand the importance of video marketing and how videos generate customer interest at every level of their buying journey.

      Understanding Video Marketing and Why You Need It

      Video content engages and informs the viewers in a more powerful way than almost any other kinds of content. Video marketing is a type of content marketing medium where businesses use videos to promote their product, service, or brand on multiple platforms.

      Here are the reasons why video marketing is more crucial than ever.

      Increase Visitor Engagement

      Adding videos on the website increases the time visitors spend on it. When visitors spend more time on the website, it decreases your website’s bounce rate, which improves the likelihood of conversions.

      Improve Understanding

      People prefer watching videos over reading text as videos are more engaging and help getting the message across more efficiently.

      Establish an Emotional Connect

      Videos help establish a personal connection with your audience; they include characters, emotions, and incidents that people can relate to.

      Reach Far and Wide

      There are a number of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. where people love to share and watch videos.

      How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy?

      To make engaging videos, you need to have the right video making strategy. Here a few tips to follow:

      Determine Who You Want to Reach

      Determine who you want to see your content. Define your target audience and find out what their problems are. It will assist you in creating video content that addresses the customers’ needs.

      Choose the Type of Videos You’ll Make

      Consider what story you want to convey, how you can best express it with video, what types of videos your target audience likes, and so on.

      Establish a Video Budget

      It’s crucial to consider how much money you’d want to spend on video creation. Consider the resources you’ll require, the skill sets they need, and the equipment that it calls for.

      Select Your Video Distribution Channels

      Choose multiple channels to publish your videos. To optimize reach and engagement, it’s crucial to use numerous distribution channels when launching a video.

      Calculate Your Success

      Produce, distribute, and analyze the engagement data that your video fetches. You’ll be able to justify your video investment and understand how well you’re performing as a result.

      Best Video Content for Each Customer Journey Stage

      How many times do you watch a video before buying something? After buying, have you searched for videos that explain how to use that product? The thing is, a single video will not be appropriate for each stage of your sales funnel. Let’s look at which sorts of video material is most appropriate for each stage of the buyer’s journey.


      The very first stage of the buyer’s journey is all about education. Here, you need to show your customers that you understand their problem areas and can provide relevant information and resources to solve it.


      This stage deals with deepening the association made between your brand and the customer’s needs. Highlight what differentiates your product or service and how you solve a problem. Make an effort to be as helpful and pleasant as possible.


      At this stage, customers have all the information they require to make an informed decision. Video content such as customer reviews play a huge part. Give them proof that your product or service does exactly what you said by featuring testimonials from current customers.

      Top 5 Research-Backed Tips for Effective Video Creation

      Tips for Effective Video Creation

      Now that you are aware of video marketing strategy, it’s time to get acquainted with some pro tips for efficient video creation. Let’s begin.

      Define your Audience

      Knowing your audience in terms of gender, age, interests, etc. can help you shape the format and content of your video. Define who your audience is, what kind of problems they face, solutions to their problems, and how they will find you.

      Tell a Story

      Define your primary objective by telling a story through your video. This way your audience will feel a deeper connection with your business. Think of the problems that your audience is facing and that your product or service can solve.

      End on the Right Note

      Ending videos on the right note means you give proper contact information and an appealing call to action that makes finding your business simple. Make your brand easier to connect with.

      Keep it Short

      Audiences today have a shorter attention span. So, it’s best not to create long videos that are likely to bore the viewers. The ideal video length is between 2-3 minutes or less.

      Promote Your Video

      Share your video across all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Use relevant hashtags & keywords to confirm its wider reach

      The journey of a customer with you never ends, it’s ever-lasting. Video content helps to strengthen your brand’s relationship with your customers and increases retention rates. It’s an effective approach to boost sales and conversion rates.

      Looking To Make an Impressive Video Strategy for Your Brand? Talk to Us!

      If you need help to create engaging videos, our video experts will be happy to pitch in. And for any more questions, simply write to us at [email protected] and and we’ll take it from there.

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