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      Improve Social Listening & Presence with Lithium Social Intelligence

      Sep 18, 2015

      3 minute read

      Struggling to get deep insights into customer engagement across communities and social networks? Well, youre not the only one in this chaos. A large number of brands worldwide are investing in social strategies that dont even move a needle. Why? Thats because they dont have access to the data and resources needed to streamline their social expenses.

      Social Customer Experience

      Having a good social media presence can help your business blossom like wildflowers. The Lithium Social Customer Experience platform is all about this – helping your business gain social media acknowledgement and increase conversion.

      What is Lithiums Social Customer Experience platform?

      The Lithium Social Customer Experience Platform is designed to provide a single, integrated set of tools for increasing customer engagement on mobile devices and in Social Media. It can help in crowdsourcing user generated content and implementing the best SEO practices. Moreover, you can analyze the social media community information as a way to improve the performance of your social customer experience programs.

      Lithium Social Intelligence helps to:

      • Simplify the manual reporting tasks
      • Measure and improve social ROI with analytics
      • Drive increased vibrancy with Lithium Communities
      • Identify the content and people that are generating the highest social impact
      • Focus your energy on effective strategies for increasing customer engagement
      • Get insights into customer engagement across communities and social networks

      How does the Lithium Social Customer Experience platform work?

      Social Customer Experience platformImage credits:

      The Lithium Social Customer Experience platform is focused on Social CRM with a sole objective of providing “one social platform” to its users. The product offering leverages a unique combination of native web analytics, real-time performance metrics and social science to give brands valuable insight into customer engagement across both social networks and online communities.

      • Creates customized reports based on time ranges and unique business needs
      • Exports the raw data for management in the other business intelligence tools
      • Integrates with Lithium Communities, Lithium Social Web and Lithium Mobile as a key component of the Lithium Social Customer Experience Platform
      • Illustrates the big-picture through dashboards, thus making it easy for managers to detect the possible bottlenecks and re-allocate workforce to handle gaps
      • Leverages real-time reports to keep a track of what your customers are looking for
      • Allows your customers to interact with you through channels like Facebook

      Features of the Social Customer Experience platform

      Lithium’s software helps businesses reinvent how they connect with their customers. What really makes it exceptional is a great understanding of analytics and game dynamics. Some of their key features include:

      • Community Health Index: Combines six key engagement factors into an index value quite similar to a credit score, helping you intuitively understand the overall performance of your community.
      • Drill down Engagement Reports: Enables Lithium Social Intelligence to reveal your community structure so you can easily drill down into personalized reports on performance against SLA targets
      • Benchmarking: Collects more than ten years of data from different Lithium Communities and customers, helping brands compare the key performance metrics.
      • Native Web Analytics: Combines community engagement metrics with traditional web traffic metrics for deeper insights into the best performing authors content.
      • Monitoring: Provides historical data and insights into customer conversations across different social channels, helping businesses determine how and where to engage.
      • Mobile Metrics: Measures posts, kudos, ratings, impact and other key performance metrics that turn up when interacting with Lithium Communities on mobile devices.

      Drive Smarter Engagement and Maximize Productivity

      At Grazitti Interactive, our team of expert community developers help companies set up robust online communities from scratch, using the reliable Lithium platform. We plan, create, manage and support socially tuned, highly responsive and scalable communities to maximize your investment. To know more, drop us a mail at [email protected]

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