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      Indian Cinema Using Twitter for Marketing Movies

      Oct 20, 2009

      2 minute read

      With an annual growth of 1,382%, Twitter holds a great potential to advertise and market movies. Many bollywood actors like Priyanka Chopra, Uday Chopra, Reteish Deshmukh are aggressively promoting their upcoming movies on twitter. Here we discuss different strategies taken up by these celebrities for marketing movies.

      @priyankachopra: Priyanka joined Twitter in July and within a month she had 30,000 followers. Now she has above 74,000 followers. Priyanka started contests on this social networking platform to promote her movie “Kaminey” and now her latest flick – “What’s Your Raashee”. The winners got personally autographed CDs from Priyanka.

      Indian Cinema Using Twitter priyanka chopra

      @teampriyanka: To manage contests and communicate better with her fans, Priyanka recruited a team on twitter @teampriyanka, leaving all her contemporaries behind. Her team personally replies to all her fans and makes sure that winners receive their gifts.

      Manage contests and communicate on Twitter

      @mbhandakar: Through twitter, Madhur Bhandarkar is promoting his upcoming movie – “Jail”. He discusses music of his movie with his followers and answer queries about the movie.

      Indian Cinema Using Twitter Madhur Bhandarkar

      @kjohar25: After “Wake up Sid”, Karan Johar can be seen promoting his movie – “Kurbaan” on Twitter. He engages his followers by asking feedback and starting discussions.

      Indian Cinema Using Twitter Karan Johar

      @Riteishd: Another marketing strategy was seen on Reteish’s twitter page – Reteish Deshmukh has displayed a picture related to his soon to be released movie – Aladin as his twitter background. So twitter background can be changed according to the latest flick.

      Indian Cinema Using Twitter Reteish Deshmukh

      @DuttaLara: Lara Dutta was seen sharing her excitement and the reviews with her followers before the release of her movie – “Blue”. After the movie received a grand box office opening, she thanked her followers for making it a success.

      Indian Cinema Using Twitter Lara Dutta

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