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      Marketing Strategy

      Interesting Marketing Strategy for Movie Promotion – 3 Idiots

      Dec 16, 2009

      2 minute read

      In another interesting marketing move by Aamir Khan, autorickshaws are being used to promote his upcoming movie 3 Idiots. Nearly 10,000 rickshaws can be seen plying in various cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Bhopal, and many more with printed stickers on them saying “Capacity: 3 Idiots“.

      “Being a creative marketer himself, Aamir realizes the importance of digital medium and uses every platform to capture his audience’s interest. For the movie 3 Idiots, Zapak Digital Entertainment is managing and executing the entire digital marketing strategy. A whole bunch of creative and interesting stuff has been created – online games, social networking and mobile applications that fits with the theme of the movie and connects well with the youth.

      • The official website of 3 Idiots – Idiots Academy and its logo are interesting. The website takes visitors to different rooms of the Academy – each of these – the Director’s office, Hostel, Classroom, Lab, Canteen and Toilets that has something interesting to offer.
      • An interesting game, “Track Aamir” was started on the website when Aamir went missing and time to time people were given clue to find him. People were kept updated about the hunt through Twitter and Facebook groups.
      • Music of the movie was released online, instead of any grand location. After the music release, fans were invited for a video chat with the cast and crew of the movie.
      • A number of online videos of trailers, promos, interviews about the movie were released on YouTube and are getting huge popularity. The official trailer of 3 Idiots has received nearly 452,953 views.
      • As a part of promoting the movie 3 Idiots, Film makers painted walls of washrooms in few cinemas with slogans like “You are an idiot“. For the movie promotion of his last movie, Ghajini, the entire staff of PVR cinemas got Ghajini cut hairstyle.
      • Another promotional gimmick is the launch of a campaign “Sabse Big Idiot” in collaboration with Big 92.7 FM to find the fourth Idiot, where listeners are invited to showcase their Idiocy.

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