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      Keeping User Experience Pivotal in Your Strategy

      Mar 30, 2017

      3 minute read

      In a recent webinar—Driving Community Success with User Experience—we had Google’s Yuri Kleban and Grazitti’s Varun Luthra, a Lithium All-Star, talk about how the Google Advertiser Community enhanced user engagement for millions of its users.

      In the two part webinar, Yuri and Varun discussed:

      • Keeping user experience pivotal in your strategy
      • Enabling scale of your community by increasing participation

      In this blog post, we’re summarizing the first part of the webinar. If you are thinking of redesigning or starting a new community, the first thing that should be kept in mind is user experience.

      Keeping user experience pivotal gives your community a result-oriented direction.

      Let’s take a look at how you can do that for your community:

      Mobile first approach for high scalability and performance

      With the number of mobile phone users in the world touching 4.77 billion, it’s no surprise that we are living in a mobile first world. The Advertiser Community doubled its mobile traffic after becoming responsive. But what most people are not aware of is that when you build a mobile first UI, it also improves the desktop UI.Mobile 1st Approach That’s why the first thing that you should keep in mind while designing your community is to keep it mobile first.

      User-centric approach to readily cater to user requirements

      A successful community is one where users feel that their needs and objectives are being met. The Advertiser Community is the perfect example of this. The community features a number of different products and has a lot of user-generated content—which is vital to a community.Customer Centric ApproachIn order to ensure maximum user participation and engagement, The Ask a Question widget on the community makes it easy for users to post questions that they can’t find answers to.

      Along with this, the Didn’t Find feature also encourages users to post questions. By using a customer centric approach, the Advertiser Community was able to encourage users to post questions instead of leaving the page.Customer Centric Approach II

      Flexibility and customization to ensure user satisfaction

      The Advertiser Community ensures user satisfaction with the help of geo-specific content. With this feature, Google wanted to target global audience with content tailored to specific geographies. This gave community managers the freedom to set announcements, news etc. to selected countries, thereby reducing the chance of users seeing irrelevant content.Geo-Specific Content By using all three specific approaches in tandem, the Advertiser Community ensures that User Experience plays a crucial role in their strategy.

      Learn the Secret to Driving Community Success

      Watch the complete webinar and learn how the Google Advertiser Community enhanced user engagement for millions of its users in multiple languages.

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