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      Search Engine Marketing

      Keyword Research and Analysis Tips

      Nov 26, 2010

      2 minute read

      Keyword analysis is one of the crucial SEO activities which are done for onsite optimization. Keyword analysis helps you in determining the right keywords for your website. Search engines looks for keywords and keyphrases in a website or a web page, hence keyword analysis is a must for a good SEO strategy.

      Mentioned below are some key points which should be kept in mind while performing keyword analysis:

      Keyword Research and Analysis Tips
      1. Keyword listing
        • Prepare an extensive list of keywords or keyphrases using Wordtracker Tool.
        • Always use long tailed keywords.
        • Find and List all the keywords using the keyword suggestion tool under the parent keyword. Do page specific and country specific keyword research.
        • Keywords need not be generic- you can use synonyms. This will help in increasing the traffic to your website.
      2. Check for competition
        • Look for the competitiveness of your keywords using Google Adwords Tool.
        • Check the strength of the competition.
        • Check for the competitors using the same keywords.
      3. Where to locate the keywords?
        • Following are the locations to insert a keyword:
          • On-page content along with title tags:
            Find out keywords that are most relevant for your page and can bring traffic to your site.Stuffing the keywords in heading and first few lines is a good practice.
          • Meta tags
          • Alt tags and
          • Page URLs
        • The selected keywords must not appear more than 2-3 times in your content.
      4. Meta tags creation
        • Avoid using same Meta tags for every page of your website.
        • Use limited number of keywords per page.

      Page specific keyword research will help in getting higher page rank for each page of your website.

      1. Ongoing Keyword Research

      Keyword Research must be done regularly as new keywords emerge time to time. Maintain and update your keywords to gain high traffic and to improve the ranking of your website on various search engines.

      Keyword analysis is not one time process. The keywords need to be monitored regularly to achieve best results on an ongoing basis.

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