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      Make Your Content Multi-Device Ready With MadCap Flare


      Dec 19, 2022

      4 minute read

      Do you recall the days when using a mobile device to browse a website required you to zoom in or zoom out continuously to properly see the content?

      Needless to say, it drastically impacts the user experience.

      And considering how new-age people spend most of their time on mobile phones, creating responsive content has become a necessity.

      The best thing about responsive content is that it automatically reformats the user’s experience to be more suited to their device.

      In other words, it fits perfectly on all devices, desktops, tablets, or mobile phones.

      In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of responsive content and how MadCap Flare helps you to produce it with ease.

      Benefits of Responsive Content

      Globally, there are 6.4 billion smartphone users(i).

      Also, the number of people browsing the internet using mobile devices is rapidly increasing.

      That’s why creating content that supports multiple devices is a necessity so that the users can access it anywhere.

      Benefits of Responsive Content

      Let’s discuss some of the benefits of responsive content.

      Improves SEO Results

      It is no secret that Google favors content that is adaptable to multiple devices. Hence, your content’s search engine rankings will increase if it satisfies the requirements by being responsive and user-friendly.

      Enhances User Experience

      If your content is responsive and automatically scaled to fit the device’s screen, it will load quickly and amplify the user experience.

      More Effective Brand Messaging

      Responsive content makes sure that all the elements appear uniformly on every device. It increases brand visibility and makes sure that each visitor gets the same messages.

      Improves Local Search Rankings

      Responsive content enhances the positioning of your brand in local search results and makes it simpler for users to reach your business.

      Improve Responsive Layouts with MadCap Flare

      MadCap Flare’s ability to enable responsive layouts is one of its best features. And, you can easily create a responsive layout by using the Responsive Layout window pane in Flare.

      First, select a template that is most similar to the design you intend to create when making your selection.

      The three factory templates are:

      Row-4-4-4: Three cells, each occupying four columns (33.33%) for web and tablet layouts and 12 columns (100%) for mobile layouts are the starting point for this design.

      Row 6-6: There are two cells at the top, each of which occupies 50% of the available space for web and tablet layouts and 100% of the available area for mobile layouts.

      Row-8-4: This template gives you two cells at the beginning. The first cell occupies a space of eight columns (66.667%) in web and tablet layouts. The other occupies a space of four columns (33.333%). Both cells occupy 100% of the available space in a mobile layout’s 12 columns.

      Moving further, the Responsive Layout window pane offers the following options that you can use to improve your layout and the cell.

      Add Cell

      Adds a new cell to the right corner of the row. A new cell will initially have a width of one column (8.333%) by default.

      Delete Cell

      Deletes the selected cell from the layout. A message confirms if you want to remove the corresponding style from the stylesheet as well.

      Cell Width

      Sets the current cell’s width by choosing a few columns (in %). For instance, six columns equal 50%. The new percentage is updated in the Cell Style preview window as you select each number.

      Cell Offset

      To specify the offset (left margin) for the current cell, select a few columns (in %). For instance, a left margin of 33.333% is equal to four columns. The left margin percentage in the Cell Style preview window changes when a number is selected.

      Row Gutter

      Gives each row’s gutter a specified number of pixels. For each cell, this adds left and right padding. For instance, if you provide 20 pixels for the gutter, each cell will have 10 pixels of padding to the left and 10 pixels to the right.

      Shifts the whole row up. This only elevates the layout in the XML editor above any adjacent block element that is also on the same level. You can also select the outermost div structure bar and drag it.

      Shifts the row’s active cell to the left.

      Shifts the row’s active cell to the right.

      Shifts the entire row down. This places the layout at the same level as the block element that is adjacent to it in the XML editor. You can also select the outermost div structure bar and drag it.


      Opens the stylesheet and selects the style (also known as the complex selector) for the current cell. After that, you can adjust your style as necessary (e.g., add a border, add a background color, or set the right margin).

      Auto-save Stylesheet

      If this option is checked, the stylesheet will be updated to reflect any changes made to the selected style in this window pane. If you choose to disable this option, each time you make a change in the XML editor or Stylesheet editor, you must save it.


      MadCap Flare offers a variety of features and methods for modifying and filtering content right out of the box. You can manage your content on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device without any coding knowledge.

      Also, you can tailor your content using Flare’s built-in capabilities to suit your business’s requirements. Having stated that, MadCap Flare, undoubtedly, is the best tool for developing responsive content.

      Want to Create Content for Different Devices Using MadCap Flare? Talk to Us!

      Or leverage the power of MadCap Flare to customize your knowledge bases, help docs, manuals, and more. Drop us a mail at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

      Statistics References:

      (i) Statista

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