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      AEM-Marketo Connector

      Marketing Experiences a New Level of High as AEM Connects with Marketo

      Mar 15, 2019

      2 minute read

      Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Marketo are two of the most extensively used tools by marketers around the world to manage enterprise-level websites and capture lead data.

      As Adobe acquired Marketo, enterprises hosting their websites on AEM had high expectations from the acquisition.

      Marketo’s feature-rich and cloud-native platform has the potential to provide several opportunities across Adobe Experience Cloud and this has added to the excitement of developers all around the world.

      Grazitti Interactive has always been at the forefront of digital innovations and over years, has developed Drupal-Marketo, Magento-Marketo and WordPress-Marketo connectors.

      These connectors have enhanced the user experience, accelerated website conversions, improved subscription rates, improved ROI, increased content engagement and helped nurture customers using emails.

      Business professionals have been anxiously waiting for a way to integrate Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Marketo with a solution that can help them connect deeply with their apps, synchronize data, and configure flexible workflows.

      As Adobe’s solution partner, Grazitti Interactive took the initiative of developing a solution that could help the enterprises seamlessly integrate Marketo forms on AEM websites and improve their user’s experience.

      Enter Grazitti’s AEM-Marketo Connector!

      Grazitti’s AEM-Marketo connector is the first step towards catering to the anticipation of business professionals by introducing the functionality of prefilling Marketo embedded forms for known users on AEM websites.

      AEM Marketo Connector

      Grazitti Interactive intends to deliver more functionalities in the connector in the near future.

      Here are the key benefits of our AEM-Marketo Connector:

      • Improved User Experience: It will improve your user’s experience on your website as they will not get distracted by empty Marketo forms during their repeat visit. If they have filled it in the past, the form will be pre-filled during their next visit.
      • Accelerated Website Conversions: Thanks to the AEM-Marketo connector’s progressive profiling functionality, you will be able to attain improved lead conversions.
      • Pre-fill functionality can be done for both HTML and JSP pages.

      To Wrap Up

      Get your AEM-Marketo connector today. With its prefill and progressive profiling functionality, you will be able to provide well-targeted content to users on the landing pages on your website.

      This connector is just the first step in the direction of improving workflows between AEM and Marketo.

      There are several opportunities to improve the functioning between the two and add features that allow higher levels of personalization, enhance the user experience, and completely change the way content is delivered.

      Experience Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) – Marketo connector in action at Adobe Summit. Drop by at booth no. 270 to learn more about it.

      Our team of expert developers has been working on marketing automation, third-party integrations, customizations and more for over a decade now. To know more about our integration, tools, and services, email us at [email protected] or visit our website.

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