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      Master the Art of Interactive Videos With These 7 Tricks

      Nov 29, 2022

      4 minute read

      Creating high-quality content is the key to winning your audience’s attention in this significantly crowded landscape.

      And did you know that the content marketing industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.8% from 2022 to 2026(i)?

      It means if you want to ace out your competitors, you need to produce more impactful content.

      With the bar set so high, marketers nowadays, use a variety of user-interactive content, like the emergence of the metaverse, to strengthen customer relationships.

      Even if you can make practically every type of digital information interactive, a video still takes the cake.

      However, video and interactivity go hand in hand. Video is an effective storytelling tool and interactivity makes it possible for the users to participate in it rather than simply watching it.

      It’s a winning combination with concrete business outcomes.

      So, how can you leverage interactive video in your marketing strategy to keep your audience engaged and delighted?

      In this blog, you will learn about the importance of interactive videos and how you enhance your videos.

      Interactive Video Vs Linear Video

      When compared to a linear video, interactive videos have a 36% higher completion rate and a 3–4 times higher engagement & conversion rate(ii).

      In terms of achieving customer engagement, interactive video outperforms linear. They let viewers choose how the story will unfold by involving them in it.

      Here are the main differences between a linear and an interactive video.

      Interactive Video

      • Viewers can interact and actively participate in the video.
      • It gives more personalized, engaging alternatives, such as letting viewers select their own unique story from a list of selections.
      • Viewers can interact with the video content by dragging and scrolling, much like how they would do with other web content, like quizzes.

      Linear Video

      • There’s no participation, viewers can just passively watch the video.
      • It has only a few controls – play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, and replay.
      • Viewers’ experience is largely constrained by what the narrative demands. They don’t have a lot of room to engage with the video content.

      Now that we know why interactive videos are more powerful, let’s take a deep dive into the benefits of interactive videos.

      Why Are Interactive Videos Important?

      87.7% of people who included an interactive video in their sales strategy saw an increase in their online sales(iii).

      Given the statistics, it would not be far-fetched to predict that interactive videos will become the next big thing in video production.

      With interactive video, you can control the viewers’ experience and put them in the middle of the action.

      Here are the main advantages of interactive video that make it so appealing.

      Enhances Engagement

      Interactive videos clearly have greater appeal as it enables the viewers to act. Viewers can instantly engage and use gestures within a video with built-in options.

      Boosts Retention Rate

      Engaging viewers actively during a video can help increase the retention rate as they’ll remember what they heard, saw, or felt.

      Promotes Entertainment

      Interactive video is a great way to increase customer engagement. Your audience can have fun while exploring an engaging story and learning more about your business.

      Increase Conversions

      Interactive videos include clickable features to prompt users to take an action. This results in an easy, all-encompassing experience for the viewers.

      What Makes a Great Interactive Video?

      Interactive video is a non-linear, gamified form of media that enables viewers to click, drag, scroll, and engage with the video. It’s a well-liked, observable, and really powerful method for lead conversion and achieving your marketing objectives.

      Here are a few tips to follow for engaging and successful interactive videos.

      tips for engaging interactive videos

      Gamify User Experience

      Interactive video and gamification are a match made in heaven! The addition of levels and rewards has a significant impact on people’s motivation to finish tasks. Hence, gamification can further boost engagement and conversions.

      Keep Your Viewers Interested

      Adding CTA, in the beginning, receives good feedback from the viewers. It will help you to establish expectations and let the audience know that they will be actively participating in the video.

      Create a Personalized Experience

      Leverage information about the viewers (such as their interests & behaviors). Viewers will be more interested in the content if it speaks to their interests and addresses their pain points specifically.

      Use Relevant Images

      Images are a great way to respond to your audience’s interests. Use add-on images or infographics to deliver additional knowledge of your business. This allows users to continue watching if a particular topic piques their interest.

      Show Them That You’re Listening

      Give the viewers feedback once they’ve responded to your inquiries or taken action. This indicates that you are paying attention to them and listening to what they have to say.

      Make It Multi-Device Ready

      Most people use mobile phones to watch videos. Make sure your videos are optimized for different screens, particularly mobile phones. Remember to always test your videos before publishing to ensure that it functions properly across all platforms.

      Add Creative CTAs

      Include a button, clickable graphic, or hotspot in the video throughout so that when the viewer is ready to take action, the rest of the video won’t get in the way.

      Concluding Thoughts

      Since people’s attention spans are getting shorter in this age of immediacy, adding interactivity to your video content is now more important than ever. Whether you want to gain more audience or move a customer through your sales funnel, a well-made interactive video allows you to give your viewers compelling, targeted content. And the other best thing is that it provides you with priceless data insights, which can help you to make informed business decisions.

      Want to Turn Your Ideas Into Actionable Results? Let’s Talk!

      If you wish to delight, engage, and turn your audience into active viewers with our video experts, simply drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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