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      Nine Reasons Why You Should Market Your Brand Using Animated Videos

      Sep 11, 2018

      3 minute read

      The world of digital marketing is always evolving. New changes and marketing techniques surface every year and make ongoing practices redundant to a certain extent. In this hyper-competitive world, marketers have to come to terms with the fact that brands need a strong online presence in order to keep themselves relevant.

      This is the reason why every brand is striving to establish a foothold across different online marketing channels. From bombarding the cyberspace with ads to creating sponsored content for social media platforms, marketers are trying to innovate to grab the attention of the prospects.

      Another concept that has captivated people is the rise of video marketing across all social channels. One of the reasons why videos are successful is because they are more engaging than static textual and visual content. If the current trend continues, videos will be driving around 80% of the total web traffic by 2019.


      Clearly, having videos in your marketing strategy is the key to engage more prospects. However, it can be challenging to produce high-quality videos due to the expenses involved. To combat this challenge, many brands have started using animated explainer videos and they are already creating memorable experiences for their customers.

      But why are animation videos so successful? Let us find the answer to this question in the following points:


      • 1. Showcase your product in a matter of seconds:

        Most people don’t have a long attention span and all you have is eight seconds to grabs the attention of your prospect. They can lose interest in a lengthy article easily. Animated videos can grab their attention and showcase information in a compelling way and keep them engaged.

      • 2. Improve the conversion rate substantially:

        The bottom line of every marketing campaign is to have maximum conversions. Nearly 73% of prospects that watch a video are likely to buy your product. Use an interesting narrative and everyday characters to get the most out of your animated video.

      • 3. Nurture the love between Google and videos:

        It is a fact that videos rank much higher on Google ranking. One can say that the two share a bond of love. If you upload a video for your product, you can almost double the organic search results for your product.

      • 4. Let your site visitors stay for longer:

        High bounce rates are a common issue in Search Engine Marketing. Do visitors click on your ads but don’t stay on your website? Use videos, the combination of motion graphics and audio keeps them engaged and reduces the bounce rate as they absorb the content that you offer.

      • 5. Create a unique selling proposition (USP) for your brand:

        Customized content always outperforms its generic counterpart. Videos help you create that USP and help your brand stand apart from the competition. Leverage animated videos to an optimum level and create content that converts prospects into your brand ambassadors.

      • 6. Share your videos with the world:

        Videos are easy to post and very engaging. If you create a video that connects with your audience, they will share it with others. It will increase your brand’s reach and improve your ranking on Google.

      • 7. Get a better return on investment (ROI):

        Animated videos cost less than pompous ads. You spend less and attract more customers, what an awesome way to achieve a better ROI, isn’t it?

      • 8. Create an impact in the mobile world:

        Videos adjust easily to different screen sizes. You cannot have the same amount of flexibility while using images. And since majority of digital growth is powered by mobile, animated videos are a great option.

      • 9. Recall and recognition:

        Around 80% of users recall and recognize a video, the product featured and the characters in it even after a month of viewing it. With a compelling story and a video that an audience can associate with, you have a chance to engage with them and improve sales.

      Are you ready to take your brand to the next level of success?

      All you will ever need is an animated video that will showcase your product to prospects out there in an awesome manner. Get in touch with us today and let our experts create an amazing animated video for you. To know more about our video services, visit or email us at [email protected].

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