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      Our tribute to Selenium – Grazitti launches Selenium 2 (Webdriver) Framework

      Oct 05, 2012

      < 1 minute read

      Last Week Grazitti Interactive launched a framework for Selenium Webdriver help quality analysts and testing teams’ setup Selenium automation with just a click and also increase code re-usage, provide higher portability, and reduce script maintenance cost.

      We have been using Selenium extensively for our enterprise, SAAS, and Marketing  customers. Having an open source world class tool like Selenium is a significant benefit for QA organizations small or large.

      This is a step towards contributing back to the open source world and help fellow quality analysts. The response is amazing – in less than a week, there have been more than 150 downloads from across the globe.

      Key features of the framework include:

      • Well defined architectural design.
      • Script execution in multiple environments.
      • Easier, faster and efficient analysis of result logs.
      • Easy debugging and script maintenance.
      • 100% reliability of Utility Scripts, online execution, report packs
      Selenium 2 (Webdriver) Automation Testing Framework

      Thanks to the overwhelming response and queries, the Team is planning to come out with a more robust version 2 of the framework. We will keep you posted on the developments there. Meanwhile you can download the Selenium Framework version 1 here and share your feedback.

      Look forward to your input and feedback.

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