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      Persona-Based Video Marketing: The Key to Increasing Conversions

      Jan 02, 2023

      4 minute read

      With decreased attention spans and people losing interest so quickly, it’s so important to give your viewers the “main character” vibes to keep them engaged.

      And a video does exactly that.

      78% of marketing professionals agree that videos have directly increased sales for their business. And 86% of marketers feel that video helped improve their website traffic[i].

      Needless to say, video has evolved from a singular marketing approach to a full-fledged business strategy, all thanks to video marketing.

      However, if you think your work is done after creating a compelling video, you need to reconsider your thoughts.

      The real work begins when you start marketing your video. That is, delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time.

      In this blog post, we will discuss video marketing, person-based video marketing, and its benefits.

      Understanding Video Marketing

      Video marketing is the use of videos to advertise and market your product, boost interaction on your digital channels, inform your audience through a new medium, and raise brand awareness.

      However, adding a little personalization can help you customize or target your marketing for various audience segments.

      And that’s where persona-based video marketing comes in!

      What is Persona-Based Video Marketing?

      When a video doesn’t attract viewers after the first few seconds, they stop watching it. Persona-based videos are designed to produce video content that speaks directly to each buyer persona. It typically includes an overview and multiple short videos.


      You can reach precise goals in less time with the aid of persona-based video marketing.

      For instance, since the content tackles real pain areas, it is feasible to increase conversions and user engagement in less time.

      Now let’s discuss some notable benefits of persona-based video marketing.

      Benefits of a Persona-Based Video Marketing

      Customers want tailored content that caters to their requirements.

      Personas, a fictional representation of your audience, can be used to create videos that speak to your target market.

      Personas assist marketers in understanding their target audience’s needs and requirements in order to customize content for each stage of the customer journey.

      Here’s how personas help you develop great videos for your audience.

      Understand Your Audience’s Problems

      Using buyer personas in video marketing helps you to produce content that specifically targets your audience’s problems and provide them with relevant solutions.

      The right approach will ignite a sense of recognition among the audience.

      The result? Increased conversions.

      Frame the Right Messaging

      When you look into the behavior of your target audience, you discover insights that provide the best opportunity to position your product as a solution.

      These insights enable you to put your message in a better way so that your audience can relate to your video.

      Narrow Down Your Marketing Efforts

      By using buyer personas, you can create well-considered videos that appeal to the target audience. More quality leads would be produced if your videos address the problems of your customers.

      For instance, you can create a generic video that showcases all your products. Alternatively, you can create a separate “self-help” video for every single product and market them to the right audience using relevant keywords.

      The latter is more likely to drive more results.

      Allow for the Comprehension of Consumer Behavior

      Brands can increase sales and foster customer loyalty if they are aware of their target market’s consumption patterns.

      Today’s consumers’ choices are largely influenced by the internet and digital settings. However, conducting data research on customer responses for your marketing initiatives will help you identify more precise information about the target demographic.

      All of this data must be gathered, analyzed, and used to create buyer personas that reflect the typical customer of the company.

      It becomes simpler to create marketing campaigns and sales strategies that provide positive results in this manner.

      Determine What Consumers Expect From Your Brand

      Every customer has particular demands. Their routines, pain points, and other characteristics that make up each persona’s profile are intimately tied to this activity.

      The primary expectations of the average consumer can be accurately understood by brands that have defined their buyer personas. That is tied to prior interactions with market participants, individual requirements, and product expectations.

      Therefore, it is possible to demonstrate that your business fits these standards when developing content.

      Saves Money

      When a chef throws some spaghetti against a wall to test what sticks, a lot of spaghetti is lost in the process. The same is true of video that is not targeted but is nonetheless advertised to determine how well the message connects with an audience.

      Making tailored videos with the use of personas eliminates the element of “seeing what sticks.” Personas help you understand your audience’s problems. And you can talk directly to your audience and save money in the process.

      Wrapping Up

      A first impression is irreversible! Therefore, it’s critical to initially captivate your audience. And for precisely that reason, buyer personas work. Buyer personas provide you the ability to concentrate on the difficulties and problems that your prospects face, and they give you a complex and precise marketing power stream. Hence, you can reach the right audience with the right information at the right time.

      Struggling to Create Buyer Personas for Your Video Marketing Strategy? Talk to Us!

      Our experts can help you create personas that will not only help you understand your audience but also solve their issues beyond their expectations. Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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      [i] Wyzowl

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