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      Redesigning and Optimizing Customer Community on Khoros for Better Case Management and Improved CX – A Success Story

      Nov 26, 2021

      3 minute read

      Communities are key when it comes to engaging and delighting new-age customers.
      Not just that, when you have a community in your corner, you can build a stronger relationship with your existing customers and create a strong foundation for your prospective customers to trust you.

      Communities play a pivotal role in innovating products, reducing support costs, and boosting sales. It’s not about creating a community once but actually optimizing it as time goes by.

      Successful brands know the importance of putting the customer experience first. That’s why you can’t ignore that your community should be optimized and designed the way customers want.

      Communities that thrive have one thing in common – they show the value of the community itself and make it easy for users to navigate and contribute.

      However, it can get tricky for a community manager to keep up with this, all while managing SEO, content, self-help efforts, growing the community, and making it engaging for customers.

      One of our customers was in a similar situation as they wanted a collaborative and central space where their users could access all knowledge as their discussions were segregated in two communities. And they were looking for ways to not just migrate their community to a different platform but also to redesign and optimize their community to ensure their users get a superlative experience.

      How it Began

      The customer has separate online communities hosted on APC and Communifire. They wanted to create a central space for their users where they could easily access all knowledge available in the community in the form of blog posts, articles, videos, etc.

      Since the discussion between their community members was taking place on two different community platforms, they wanted to migrate the data from both their communities to Khoros.

      They were also looking for a trusted partner for assistance in the maintenance of their community on Khoros post the migration. Additionally, they wanted to get certain aspects of their community redesigned. For a boost in user traction, they wanted to introduce a ‘products mentions’ tab in their new community.

      Along with this, they were also looking to introduce the Open Case Management (OCM) functionality for faster case escalation and resolution.

      What We Did


      We began analyzing the customer’s requirements and communities.

      A challenge that came forth was that the customer did not have any design mockups for redesigning their community.

      – To resolve this, we set up the Optimizely tool to provide the customer with multiple community design options after A/B testing them rigorously. We added 80+ categories in the community to deliver a better community navigation experience to their community users.

      Another challenge that we witnessed was that the customer did not have dump files, which meant that they were unaware of their existing data. This posed a limitation in migrating user data to the Khoros community.

      – To overcome this, we extracted all the user data through APIs.

      We found out that Communifire does not offer content filtering for communities.

      – For this limitation, we sorted and checked the community data to identify any malware.

      Additionally, the customer’s community on Khoros did not have an ‘Invite’ option.

      – To combat this limitation, we added the ‘Labels and Tags’ functionality along with language specification options.

      • To make their community dynamic, we added new features in the community such as Community Management as a Service for easy maintenance, resolution element, related products feature, TKB article page, forums, and pop-ups.

      • The customer wanted to assign roles to users in terms of priority cases. We successfully integrated Open Case Management (OCM) in their community which enabled users to assign roles to users and escalate cases within two days, in case their issue was not resolved. The user could also reply and check the status of the case as and when required.

      • We fully customized the community homepage by adding multiple options such as webinars, popular communities, top viewed posts, success stories, and more for a better user experience.

      • To make it easier for users to view all posts, solved queries, unsolved queries, and comments, we introduced a ‘Tab Structure’ in the community.
      • Also, we integrated Google Analytics in the customer’s community on Khoros for tracking the performance of their blog posts and other knowledge sources.

      As an outcome, the customer got a brand new and redesigned community on Khoros as per their requirements. With over 50 customizations added to their community by our experts, the customer experienced an improvement in the UI that ultimately, improved the UX of their community.

      When it comes to optimizing your community for the new world, you must make UI and UX your priority.

      Is your community delivering the desired UX? Talk to us!

      Team Grazitti has extensive experience in building multidimensional online communities that empower you to take your business to the next level. To know more about our CMaaS expertise, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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