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      Revolutionizing Community Engagement: The Khoros Integration Journey

      Apr 03, 2024

      4 minute read

      Leveraging the influence of customer advocates to fuel growth and success is widely recognized. Online communities stand out as one of the most potent channels for customer attraction and retention.

      However, mobilizing these advocates effectively requires more than just traditional outreach methods. Integrating online communities with smarter tools presents a powerful solution to expand and mobilize advocates, ultimately amplifying referrals, references, and reviews.

      Exploring The Challenge: Understanding the Why

      Our customer, a leader in customer advocacy and online community management, was in a similar situation looking for ways to identify, nurture, and incentivize their community members. They wanted to integrate their Khoros community with the Influitive platform to run customer engagement and advocacy programs.

      Our mission? To seamlessly integrate Influitive’s “Challenges” and other features, like the recruitment component and bounties, within the Khoros community.

      The objective—is to enhance engagement, streamline processes, and amplify the overall impact of advocacy requests, customer engagement campaigns, and marketing programs.

      What We Did:

      We orchestrated a series of strategic moves, each designed to enhance different facets of the community experience.


      Challenge Optimization for Improved User Experience:

      Our community experts placed the Challenge Carousel strategically in the customer’s Khoros community. It helped improve the visibility of the targeting rules set by the customer, ensuring a personalized experience. This dynamic Carousel can be placed anywhere on any page, offering an engaging and flexible interface.

      Recruitment Component Enhancement:

      Next, our experts enhanced the Recruitment Component to ensure visibility to non-customer members. This move helped the non-customer members with a user-friendly “Sign Up” button and a unique Join Code. We customized text and media within the component for fostering community growth.

      Bounties for Community Engagement:

      We incorporated the Bounties Component in the community for increased participation. Through the Bounties Component, the customer was able to recognize and reward valuable contributions. The tailored bounty availability for everyone or exclusively for the customer members created a dynamic and motivational ecosystem.

      How We Did It

      The integration between Influitive and the Khoros community involved a meticulous step-by-step approach. Each phase was not merely a technical stride, but a strategic move aimed at harmonizing the community experience.


      Enabling Khoros Integration:

      Initiating the journey, the first crucial step was to enable the Khoros Integration on the Influitive Integrations Page.

      This foundational act set the tone for a collaborative integration that goes beyond technical connectivity.

      Generating Khoros App & Credentials:

      A crucial chapter in our strategy was the creation of a new Khoros App and credentials. This involved diving into the intricacies of the community Admin settings, configuring a Web App with a unique display name, and setting up the Redirect Authorization URL—a security measure ensuring a robust connection.

      Completing OAuth Setup Within Influitive:

      The OAuth setup within Influitive was a pivotal milestone. The authentication process became stronger as the administrators could now enter the Khoros base URL, Client ID, and Client Secret on the Influitive hub. This ensured a secure and seamless link between the platforms.

      Event Subscriptions in Khoros:

      A crucial layer was added with the enablement of “Event Subscriptions” in the Khoros community. By switching on this feature, the customer witnessed an improvement in capturing and processing events.

      Carousel Component Integration:

      We implemented the Challenge Carousel component in the Khoros community and created the “Influitive_carousel” component from the Influitive Khoros Integrations Page, which improved engagement.

      Recruitment Component Enhancement:

      We configured the Recruitment Component in the Influitive Admin area. The administrators could define the Title, Body, Image, and Group Join Link to attract new members. This process resulted in the creation of a custom Khoros component, named “Influitive_recruitment_widget.”

      Bounties API App Creation:

      The creation of a dedicated Bounties API App in the Khoros instance, with a unique Display Name and Redirect Authorization URL, paved the way for a structured and rewarding points system.

      Creating Bounties Connection Page:

      The creation of the Influitive_Settings Component simplified the bounty integration process. Administrators could paste the script from Influitive’s Bounties Settings into the Component Content area. This action established a connection between the Khoros and Influitive environments, creating a seamless bounty experience.

      How It Helped The Customer: Value Generated

      This integration wasn’t just a technical feat; it was a strategic initiative that significantly impacted the customer’s community dynamics. The Challenge Carousel provided a visually appealing and targeted approach, taking user engagement to new heights. The Recruitment Component streamlined the onboarding process, expanding the community’s reach.

      Bounties, with their targeted availability, not only recognized and rewarded valuable contributions but also acted as a catalyst for sustained community growth. The seamless integration, executed with precision, resulted in a community that was not just digitally connected but deeply engaged and purposeful.

      The Bottom Line

      With our expertise in creating Khoros communities, the customer was able to redefine the dynamics of community engagement. By integrating their Khoros communities with Influitive, they could create a robust advocacy ecosystem that fueled organic growth, strengthened brand credibility, and cultivated long-term customer relationships.

      Wish to Unleash The True Potential of Your Online Community? Talk to Us!

      Explore how Team Grazitti leverages their expertise in creating thriving online communities that drive measurable ROI for businesses. To learn more about our community-building expertise, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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