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      Project Management

      Revolutionizing Project Management: The Impact of AI and Human Collaboration

      Jul 11, 2023

      4 minute read

      Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves computer programs that learn from data to solve problems. It is an evolving technology with capabilities to perform tasks that need human intelligence.

      While AI continues to dominate as a globally impactful technology, it is yet to reach its peak position. And project management is another domain that has gained traction from AI tools for task management, resource allocation, performance tracking, etc.

      As per research by Gartner, by 2030, 80% of project management tasks will be run by AI, powered by big data, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing.[i]

      This blog post explains the influence of AI on project management and how it is going to transform the way project management is conducted.

      5 Benefits of AI-Powered Project Management

      Benefits of AI-Powered Project Management

      Project managers need to get equipped with a variety of tools and knowledge areas for the successful management of projects. So, it becomes crucial to implement AI to simplify complex management practices.

      Here are some benefits of AI-powered project management:

      1. Automated Routine Tasks

      Project managers (PMs) have to perform regular time-consuming manual tasks, which affects their overall productivity. AI-powered project management tools can help PMs automate routine tasks with improved accuracy, helping them prioritize their tasks strategically. A few of the tasks that can be automated include sending notification reminders, status reporting, data entry, and so on.

      2. Improved Risk Management

      Managing project timelines and budgets are key responsibilities for any project manager. Since AI tools are trained on large data sets, they can easily predict unforeseen obstacles. By leveraging data-driven insights from AI tools, project managers can easily address the risks before they become major issues.

      3. Better Resource Planning and Utilization

      AI-powered project management tools can significantly cut project costs through the efficient use of resources. PMs can use AI data to analyze the performance of the team members to ensure that the right resources are allocated to particular projects. In addition, AI tools enable project managers to create virtual teams with the right individuals for advanced projects.

      4. Better Project Scheduling

      AI-powered project management tools can assist in accurate and realistic project planning by analyzing the timelines, resources, and dependencies. It helps project managers have a higher possibility of achieving project goals.

      5. Increased Flexibility

      Project requirements can change over time. AI tools can easily adapt to new requirements and respond quickly, allowing project managers to exercise maximum agility in decisions.

      Significance of Human Element in Project Management

      Human Element in Project Management

      As discussed above, AI is yet to reach its finest form. Though AI has many benefits for project management, there are a few considerations that you need to take care of while implementing AI in project management. These include:

      1. Dependency on Data

      AI tools largely rely upon huge amounts of data to make predictions. The unavailability of data for new or unique projects can lead to issues for project managers relying upon them.

      2. Complexities of Human Behavior

      Project management involves having members from different teams with unique behaviors working simultaneously. Since AI tools are trained on data only, it can get difficult at times to analyze human communications and emotions. Such circumstances can impact the overall performance of the project.

      3. Lack of Contextual Understanding

      AI models work as machines. They deliver insights and predictions based on prompts and predefined rules and patterns. At times, AI predictions might fail to understand the subjective nature of project aspects, including team dynamics and the preferences of stakeholders. Such a lack of context for the projects can result in irrelevant recommendations.

      4. Potentially Biased

      The fairness of recommendations given by AI tools is determined by the data collected by them. If data submitted to or collected by AI tools is biased, then they will simply replicate that, leading to incorrect outcomes.

      5. Challenges in Integration

      Though implementing AI tools for fresh projects might come in handy, using them for existing projects can be quite the opposite. So if you wish to integrate AI into an existing project to reduce the efforts, it might require significant changes to the existing process which might be abrupt.

      The Way Forward

      This blog post should have given you a decent overview of the benefits and limitations of AI tools for project management. While AI may have limitations in project management, it can bring significant benefits to the field.

      By adopting a collaborative approach that combines both AI and human expertise, project managers can optimize their workflows for better outcomes for their organizations. Furthermore, staying relevant with practices such as prompt engineering and creative skills can help professionals make the best of trends.

      Ready to Optimize Your Project Management Efforts? Talk to Us!

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      [i] Gartner

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