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      Sales Analytics – Autopilot your Sales with BI

      Nov 23, 2015

      3 minute read

      As per Peter Drucker, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

      Businesses are eager to capitalize on new opportunities, close deals quicker and generate more value for their customers. They want to identify areas for improving performance by tracking, integrating, optimizing, and modeling sales data from distinct sources. Sales Analytics makes use of the available data to provide valuable insights and help in management of the sales pipeline, forecasting and deals’ health. The quantitative and qualitative analysis of performance metrics through sales analytics dashboards is crucial to make sure that all sales processes are optimized to improve sales performance. By allowing the executives to take informed decisions, sales dashboards increase the effectiveness of sales process by using real-time sales metrics through interactive drill-downs and easy to understand graphs.

      Data Scientist

      Let’s have a look at a scenario to understand this better

      Scenario: A B2B sales organization was struggling to efficiently manage their sales pipeline and forecasts, have latest opportunities updated in the sales pipeline, know when a deal is closed, know the current status of the deal, which sales campaign was effective and which wasn’t.

      Solution: Data scientists at Grazitti came up with 3 analytics dashboards to analyze trends, slice, dice and report complex data relationships using interactive charts, graphs, and maps on a single screen to replace their standard CRM reports. With these interactive dashboards, VPs and Directors could get the information to drive their decisions through centralized, real-time reports integrated within their CRM.

      1. Sales Performance

      • Sales Managers and VPs could drill down into sales numbers using an intuitive interface.
      • Managers were able to see the best performing products and gained insights to improve the products that were less popular or active.
      • Using Historical Analysis, Sales VPs now had a better view of Enterprise and SMB sales, and could push the lagging segment with targeted sales campaigns.
      • Executives were able to identify the stronger/weaker sales regions, class of business and act upon the same.

      Sales Performance

      Key Performance Indicators

      • Sales by Region and Products
      • Revenue by product
      • Revenue by Segment
      • Revenue by Class of Business

      2. Deals Landscape

      • Provided insights into the efficiency of the sales process by showing Deals Won against Total Deals with a comparison to the last quarter sales.
      • YTD closed bookings and Cumulative Revenue graph provided a complete view of the company’s growth over the year.

      Deals Landscape

      Key Performance Indicators

      • Cumulative bookings on a weekly or monthly basis
      • Closed booking per quarter
      • Deals won and the revenue generated
      • Sales Pipeline Trend

      3. Sales Breakup

      • Sales managers could monitor the best sales resources w.r.t revenue and number of closed deals.
      • Sales managers could identify the most efficient lead source and the most effective campaign for sales to optimize their sales funnel.

      Sales Breakup

      Key Performance Indicators

      • Most/Least effective Campaigns
      • Most valuable Lead Source
      • Top Performing Reps
      • Top Accounts by Lifetime Value

      Benefits of Sales Analytics Dashboards

      • Enable executives to take informed decisions faster
      • Optimize the Sales processes through feedback
      • Monitor KPIs like sales revenue, financial metrics, revenue by product, marketing returns and more.

      Want to have your own, customized Sales Analytics Dashboards?

      Grazitti’s certified Data Scientists extend technical capabilities, domain knowledge, and operational excellence to hand-hold organizations to improve their entire decision-making process. We at Grazitti make data meaningful to optimize and strategize the sales operations by providing the hidden insights into the hands of decision makers. Companies like Alteryx, DealSignal, Marketo, Arcadia Data, and more trust us with their analytics needs. Request a Demo today to improve your sales performance and get answers with analytics to drive your customer acquisition strategies. Reach out to us at [email protected].

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