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      Salesforce Predictions

      Salesforce’s Expansion: Potential Leap Into the Project Management Arena

      Dec 12, 2023

      5 minute read

      The growing emphasis on efficient project management has become a cornerstone for businesses navigating an increasingly competitive and fast-paced market.

      As companies seek ways to streamline their operations, the significance of robust project management tools and methodologies has never been more apparent.

      And then there’s Salesforce, doing its thing with top-notch tools for all kinds of business operations. But now, here’s the question: Could Salesforce be gearing up to dive headfirst into the project management arena? Grazitti predicts Salesforce might gear up to make a significant foray into the project management sphere.

      We’re about to unravel this intriguing possibility right here.

      Before that, let’s have a look at the growing project management market.

      Statistical Overview: The Current State of Project Management Market

      As per industry reports, the estimated project management market is expected to value $9.81 billion by the year 2026.[i]

      Salesforce’s Expansion: Potential Leap Into the Project Management Arena


      Prominent Players in the Market

      The majority share of the project portfolio market is dominated by a small group of globally recognized entities, such as Oracle Corporation (US), Planview (US), Broadcom (US), SAP (Germany), Microsoft Corporation (US), Adobe Inc. (US), Hexagon (Sweden), ServiceNow (US), Upland Software (US), and Atlassian Corporation (US), among various others.

      These are the primary vendors who have secured project portfolio management contracts in recent years. These vendors bring a wealth of global experience in processes and execution, while local players predominantly possess localized expertise. With growing disposable incomes, easy access to information, and the rapid adoption of technological products, customers are increasingly open to experimenting with and testing new solutions in the project portfolio management market.

      Although Salesforce currently, lacks a native project management tool, users can access various third-party applications through the Salesforce AppExchange for project management purposes. Salesforce might explore the potential of entering and dominating the project management space.

      Acquisitions as Strategic Fuel: Salesforce’s Portfolio Growth Strategy

      Salesforce, much like a seasoned explorer on a quest for new horizons, has a rich history of carefully selecting strategic acquisitions to broaden its portfolio and enhance its capabilities. Among these notable acquisitions are:

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      These acquisitions have played a significant role in shaping Salesforce’s portfolio and making it one of the leading cloud computing companies in the world. Salesforce’s portfolio now includes a wide range of products and services that businesses can use to manage their customers, sell their products and services, and analyze their data.

      Here are some specific examples of how some of Salesforce’s acquisitions have shaped its portfolio:

      • The acquisition of ExactTarget helped Salesforce to become a leader in marketing automation. Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud now includes a wide range of features for businesses to automate their marketing campaigns, track their results, and personalize their customer experiences.
      • The acquisition of Demandware helped Salesforce to enter the e-commerce market. Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud now provides businesses with a complete solution for selling their products and services online, including features for managing their product catalogs, processing payments, and shipping orders.
      • The acquisition of MuleSoft helped Salesforce to become a leader in integration and API management. Salesforce’s MuleSoft Anypoint Platform enables businesses to connect their applications and data sources quickly and easily, regardless of their underlying technology.
      • The acquisition of Tableau helped Salesforce to expand its data analytics offerings. Salesforce’s Tableau CRM provides businesses with a powerful platform for visualizing and analyzing their data, so they can make better decisions and improve their performance.
      • The acquisition of Slack helped Salesforce to expand its customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Salesforce’s Slack-First Customer 360 platform enables businesses to connect their sales, service, and marketing teams around a shared customer view, so they can provide a more seamless and personalized customer experience.

      Why the Project Management Market Offers a Promising Ground for Investment?

      Market Opportunity: The market size for global project management software was assessed at USD 6.59 billion in 2022 and is projected to exhibit a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15.7% from 2023 to 2030[iv].

      Why the Project Management Market Offers a Promising Ground for Investment?


      Several factors are driving this growth, including the increasing complexity of projects, the growing demand for businesses to become more agile and responsive, and the rising adoption of cloud-based software.

      Synergy with Salesforce’s Existing Products and Services: Salesforce’s existing products and services, such as CRM, customer service, and marketing automation, are complementary to project management software. For example, a project management solution could be integrated with Salesforce’s CRM system to provide users with a single view of their customers and projects. This would enable users to better manage their customer relationships and ensure that their projects are aligned with their customers’ needs.

      Brand Awareness and Customer Base: Salesforce has a strong brand awareness and customer base. This would give it a significant advantage in the project management market. Salesforce could leverage its existing brand and customer base to generate awareness and demand for its project management solution.

      Innovation & Technological Expertise: Salesforce has a strong track record of innovation and technological expertise. This would give it an advantage in developing and delivering a project management solution that meets the needs of its customers. Salesforce could also leverage its expertise in cloud computing to deliver a project management solution that is scalable and reliable.

      Overall, Salesforce has several strengths that it could leverage to enter the project management market. With its strong brand awareness, customer base, and technological expertise, Salesforce is well-positioned to become a leading provider of project management software.

      In addition to the above, Salesforce could also consider the following strategies to enter the project management market:

      • Acquiring a project management company. This would be the quickest way for Salesforce to enter the market and gain access to an existing customer base and product portfolio.
      • Partnering with a project management company. This would allow Salesforce to offer its customers a project management solution without having to develop and maintain its own product.
      • Developing its project management solution. This would give Salesforce the most control over the product and allow it to tailor it to the specific needs of its customers.

      Whichever strategy Salesforce chooses, it is clear that the project management market represents a significant opportunity for the company. With its strong brand awareness, customer base, and technological expertise, Salesforce is well-positioned to become a leading provider of project management software.

      The Bottom Line

      When we consider Salesforce’s track record, it becomes evident that the company has consistently acquired or developed solutions to address business gaps and enhance operational efficiency. In this context, it is entirely plausible to anticipate that Salesforce may either acquire an existing project management solution or introduce a unique and exclusive offering as part of its comprehensive suite of services. As the business landscape evolves, Salesforce’s foray into the project management space holds the potential to reshape the industry and provide businesses with innovative tools and resources to streamline their operations. Salesforce’s ability to adapt and innovate suggests that its venture into project management is a prospect worth keeping a close eye on.

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      Whether you are new to the Salesforce ecosystem or already leveraging it to achieve operational efficiency, write to us at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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