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      Successful Examples of Marketing Movies through Digital Media

      Oct 23, 2009

      2 minute read

      There are very few producers and movie marketers who understand the digital medium well to use for marketing movies. Most of the producers still stick to the traditional medium of movie promotion, ignoring the 50-60 million Internet subscribers in India. But the fact is that the new age multiplex going audience is using the Internet – they are booking tickets online, writing reviews and are discussing about the movie online. According to a report by Hungama Digital Media, 81% of the online population in India engages in social interactivity on the web, making it an ideal place for the movie marketers to woo the young audiences and promote the movie virally.

      Here are some of the successful examples of movies who used digital media for marketing:

      Digital Media Movies Marketing Ghajini

      Ghajini: With each movie, Aamir Khan is mastering the art of marketing movies. Internet marketing was an integral part of the overall marketing strategy for his last movie, 2008’s biggest block buster – Ghajini. His interactive marketing strategy involved, launch of the official website – rememberghajini, two engaging viral applications – findghajini and wall of suspects to create a sense of rush among his fans to watch the movie.

      Digital Media Movies Marketing Kambakht Ishq

      Kambakht Ishq: Kambakkht Ishq with a budget of Rs.70 crore pumped in Rs.7 crore for digital marketing, and was one of the biggest successes in India and abroad. They started a mobile racing game and mobile voice service where users can hear stunt and beauty tips from Akshay and Kareena to engage the audience.

      Digital Media Movies Marketing Love Aaj Kal

      Love Aaj Kal: Saif Ali Khan’s first home production movie, Love Aaj Kal, which broke all box office records, invested nearly Rs 3 crore in online promotion. An extensive online campaign was started to promote the movie on sites like Facebook, Orkut and Bollywood Hungama through fan pages, groups and digital games.

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