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      Supercharge Your eCommerce Store With These Stellar BigCommerce Features


      Jan 17, 2024

      4 minute read

      Choosing an eCommerce platform that aligns with your unique needs is not an easy feat.

      It requires careful consideration to ensure you’re getting all the features you’ll need, such as simple checkout processes, payment integration, product swatches, and more.

      For this, BigCommerce can be your ideal solution.

      It is one of the leading eCommerce platforms that includes robust features to expedite your eCommerce operations and help you deliver exceptional customer experience.

      According to reports, there are 46,185[i] successful live stores running on the BigCommerce platform.

      For example, Skullcandy, the tech giant, has been able to generate a whopping 82%[ii] increase in their conversion rate YoY with BigCommerce.

      In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the amazing features of BigCommerce with which you can also generate such amazing results.

      Ready? Let’s begin.

      Why Should You Choose BigCommerce as Your eCommerce Platform?

      Here are some key aspects of BigCommerce that make it an effective solution for your digital storefront:

      1. Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

      – Transparent Pricing: BigCommerce offers clear and predictable pricing plans, allowing businesses to budget effectively, without unexpected fees or hidden costs.

      – No Transaction Fees: Unlike some other platforms, BigCommerce does not charge transaction fees on sales, helping you maximize your profit margins.

      – Cost-Efficient Hosting: BigCommerce provides hosting as part of its package, eliminating the need for separate hosting expenses.

      2. Powerful Performance

      – Fast Loading Speeds: BigCommerce is designed to deliver high-performance websites, ensuring that your online store loads quickly and provides a seamless shopping experience.

      – Reliability: With a robust infrastructure, BigCommerce minimizes downtime and ensures that your store remains accessible to customers at all times.

      – Scalability: Whether you’re dealing with a few orders per day or thousands, BigCommerce can handle the demands of your business and allow you to scale without compromising on performance.

      3. Built for Growth

      – Feature-Rich: BigCommerce offers a wide array of features and integrations, from advanced SEO tools to marketing automation and multi-channel selling capabilities. These features empower you to expand your business and reach new markets.

      Mobile-Ready: In an era of mobile commerce, BigCommerce ensures that your store is mobile-responsive, enabling you to tap into the growing mobile user base.

      Powerful Features of BigCommerce

      Powerful Features of BigCommerce

      Some of the features offered by BigCommerce are:

      – Unlimited File Storage, Bandwidth, and Products

      BigCommerce has no limits when it comes to catalog size, storage, or the number of requests your eCommerce store can receive in a month. This is even true for its “Standard” or “entry-level” plan, which means you do not have to upgrade your plan for any additional features or better loading speed.

      The only limit it sets is on the sales which are:
      – $50K for the Standard plan
      – $180K for Plus
      – $400K for Pro

      However, its Enterprise-level plan has no such limits.

      – Single Page Checkout

      A streamlined checkout plays a pivotal role in boosting sales for your eCommerce store. If your customers have to fill out huge forms or go through a long checkout process to complete a purchase, you’ll end up losing potential customers.

      BigCommerce provides a simple, one-page checkout that enables customers to checkout without any distractions. This single-page checkout is specially designed to help your customers cross the finish line with a seamless path.

      – Less Downtime

      Similar to other cloud-based solutions, BigCommerce also has an impressive 99% uptime rate.
      Uptime is a key measure of reliability and dependability. This means maintaining a solid uptime ratio helps you improve conversions and establish trust in your customers.

      BigCommerce uses an off-site hosting solution like AWS (Amazon Web Services) that helps it maintain such high uptime rate even during holiday rush or flash sales.

      – Shipping Options

      BigCommerce integrates with major shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, and USPS, which allows you to access real-time shipping rates. It simplifies the shipping process and ensures accurate pricing and order information for your customers.

      Moreover, BigCommerce supports international shipping to let you easily expand your market to customers worldwide.

      – Product Additions

      BigCommerce supports various product types, including physical, digital, and subscription-based products. Each listing consists of detailed product descriptions, images, prices, and variations. This helps you create and customize product listings with ease. If you have a large catalog or are transitioning from another platform, BigCommerce allows you to bulk import and export products.

      Additionally, with BigCommerce’s category and tagging system, you can categorize products into logical groupings and add tags to make the store’s navigation more user-friendly.

      – Abandoned Cart Saver

      The abandoned cart saver feature is included in BigCommerce’s “Plus” and above plans. This feature allows you to send automated emails to users who have abandoned their carts.

      For example, if a customer doesn’t complete a purchase and leaves their cart, you can send a reminder email after 1 hour to complete the checkout. If they still do not complete the purchase, you can again send an automated email after 24 hours with/without a discount code to encourage them to complete the purchase.

      – Performance Analysis

      BigCommerce provides a user-friendly analytics dashboard that offers insights into key performance metrics. You can track sales, conversion rates, website traffic, and customer behavior over time.

      It further provides analytics tools, such as conversion funnel tracking. This helps you identify and address bottlenecks in the customer journey to improve the overall conversion rate.


      BigCommerce empowers online businesses with the tools and capabilities needed to compete at the highest level. By including more features and functionality off the shelf and enabling third-party development, BigCommerce offers a business-ready solution that’s more open to customization.

      With BigCommerce, you get an eCommerce platform that scales with you as you grow – allowing you to showcase your products, convert more sales, get helpful support, and manage your business with ease.

      So, switch to BigCommerce today to sell smarter, not harder!

      Ready to Build Your eCommerce Store? We Can Help!

      Our eCommerce experts can help build a robust, feature-rich, and scalable eCommerce store tailored to your specific business needs. Should you want to know more about our solutions, you can contact us at [email protected].

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