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      The Role of DevOps in Mobile App Development

      Aug 26, 2022

      3 minute read

      Given today’s mobile-first approach, developing a quality mobile application is now crucial to businesses’ digital growth.

      A high-quality mobile app is not only the product of a cutting-edge tech stack but also the methodology used in the development process.

      Enter-DevOps in mobile app development.

      Mobile DevOps is a modern approach that enables seamless application development through collaboration among different stakeholders and alignment of business goals.

      So, how exactly does DevOps do it? Let’s explore in this blog post.

      Using DevOps in Mobile App Development

      DevOps is a software development method that focuses on communication, cooperation, and integration between development and operations.

      It deploys the software and its environment automatically and on-demand at any stage of the mobile app development cycle.

      By bringing automation and agile together, mobile DevOps facilitate productive workflows and quality delivery in mobile applications.

      The Essential 6 C’s of Mobile DevOps

      There are six key elements to successful mobile DevOps implementation –

      DevOps in Mobile App Development

      1. Continuous Planning

      Everything begins with a planning phase. Continuous planning brings the whole project team together, be it the project managers, developers, operations staff, and business analysts to visualize the mobile app’s possibilities.

      2. Continuous Integration

      This calls for a collaborative approach to writing codes. The code created by one team should be easily combined with that of another for error-free development. Additionally, it provides you with easier code editing and higher release rates.

      3. Continuous Monitoring

      Continuous monitoring helps recognize and solve problems. Developers get more time to monitor and test the app to make sure it is bug-free, stable, and offers an optimal user experience.

      4. Continuous Testing

      Testing is an integral part of the mobile app development lifecycle. It helps you address any issues beforehand by making minor changes early, rather than making major ones later. As a result, you save time and money in the process.

      5. Continuous Deployment

      It is a method wherein every code undergoes automated testing and is then released automatically to the production environment. This improves the development team’s productivity and helps you respond quickly to market changes.

      6. Continuous Delivery

      Continuous delivery enables software updates in smaller and more frequent steps. It makes the release process efficient without compromising the reliability of the software.

      Benefits of DevOps in Mobile App Development

      Here are some top advantages of DevOps in mobile app development –

      Improved Team Interoperability

      DevOps enable the development and operations teams to work in parallel. This teamwork promotes a culture of transparency and cooperation. As a result, the feedback loop gets shortened leading to higher business development.

      Better Software Quality

      DevOps fosters faster development and frequent releases. The team can monitor and scrutinize every aspect of the application, such as security, performance, and speed. It helps you ensure the software is stable and high-quality.

      Eliminate Delays and Bottlenecks

      By promoting transparency and communication, DevOps help in eliminating various process delays like

      • Manual intervention
      • Workflow maturity
      • Unstable development procedure
      • Lack of ownership

      Efficient Use of Resources

      DevOps rely heavily on automation. It allows you to use exactly the resources needed to deploy the app. This helps reduce your resource consumption and optimize business outcomes.

      Challenges in DevOps for Mobile App Development

      While mobile DevOps comes with amazing benefits, there are also a few implementation challenges, including –

      • Multiple target environments like OS versions, hardware specs, and devices.
      • Application review and submission procedure for Google Play Store and Apple App Store for application deployment.
      • Push deployment model when it is actually up to the user to update the application.
      • Rigorous testing for maximum user satisfaction.

      How to Implement Mobile DevOps?

      To adopt DevOps in your mobile app development, you simply need to follow these three crucial steps-

      Continuous Integration and Delivery

      • Sync each code with the other to ensure the scripts, documents, and configuration are traceable.
      • Assign the right versions to scripts and check the reproduction of builds.
      • Maintain a unique build for every platform you are targeting.

      Testing and Monitoring

      • Test the application with powerful automated tools.
      • Get the app ecosystem on virtual instances for faster and more cost-effective testing.
      • Incorporate a third-party SDK to monitor the app continuously.

      Quality and Delivery

      • Validate every part of the code from start to finish.
      • Monitor the app regularly to eliminate any bugs.

      The Bottom Line

      Implementing DevOps in mobile app development is a game-changer. It doesn’t just improve several parts of the process but provides you with an impeccable mobile application that meets business objectives and fuels growth.

      Want to Learn More About DevOps in Mobile App Development? Contact Us!

      Team Grazitti is at the forefront of delivering DevOps as a Service to a growing client base ranging from Fortune 500 companies to mid and small-scale enterprises. To learn more about our mobile DevOps services, email us at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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