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      Email to Case Advance

      Top Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Email to Case Advance

      Sep 30, 2019

      3 minute read

      As customer expectations are skyrocketing, brands are thriving to deliver peerless experience to every customer at every touchpoint. Thus, customer service is going through a structural transformation.

      However, bringing customer service to the mainstream isn’t easy as the department has traditionally been viewed as a necessary cost center.

      The keys to transforming the support/service team involve improved processes, advanced tools and skilled workforce, and cross-functional transparency. Email to Case (E2C) Advance, a premium product from Grazitti, covers three of the keys; improved processes, cross-functional transparency, and advanced tools.

      ‘Email-to-case’ is an out-of-the-box functionality provided by Salesforce that auto-converts customer emails into cases. That’s all! Thereby, our product maestros developed an advanced version of standard ‘Email-to-Case’ functionality to redefine the way customer support manages support cases.

      E2C Advance is an asset for organizations using Salesforce Service Cloud to manage their support operations. The product fast tracks the end-to-end case management process for greater efficiency and effectivity of support reps.

      Let’s have a look at the top five reasons to choose Email to Case Advance:


      1. Greater customizability

      Every business has a unique identity and different business processes, and hence, a rigid product can never be a good solution for any organization.

      One of the distinguishing points of Email to Case Advance is its capacity to be customized. The product can easily be customized based on the processes, workflows, or needs of a business.

      2. Quicker case resolution with consistent support workflows

      Inconsistency in workflows is cited as one of the top reasons that delays the resolution of customer cases. Don’t let it become the roadblock for your support team.

      Email to Case Advance is a boon for bringing consistency into support workflows. With consistent workflows, your support team would be able to resolve customer cases in shorter spans than usual, leading to quicker resolution of customer cases.

      3. Unlimited users at a single price point (yearly subscription per Org)

      If you are concerned about the need to buy more and more licenses based on your team size to use the product, rest assured!

      Email to Case Advance comes with an all-inclusive flat pricing model. You just need to install it in your Salesforce Org and an unlimited number of users can use it based on the access rights.

      4. Adaptive with both Classic and Lightning Experience

      One of the major concerns that anyone would have today while buying a Salesforce app is that if it would work in the Lightning experience or not?

      Email to Case Advance has been developed keeping the future in the mind. Thus, the app is fully functional in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience. Also, there’s no gap in the features or use cases as it offers the same functionalities in both Classic and Lightning versions.

      5. An ever-evolving product

      Every product is distinguished and it should be to stand on the grounds of originality. Thus, we want our prospects and customers to feel a part of the product road-mapping.

      Email to Case Advance is always evolving and everyone is welcome to be a part of the journey. So, we ask you if you have any use case (different than the existing ones) that is required for your business operations, we welcome you to share it with us.

      Bottom line:

      E2C Advance is a product aimed at accelerating customer support operations for quicker case resolution and happier customers. Happier customers equate to higher business value.

      Liked the solution but not sure if this would fit your business environment?

      Test drive Email to Case Advance within your business environment and then decide. Sign-up for a 15-day trial at no cost and start today! In case of any queries, drop us a line at [email protected].

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