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      Top Twitter Analysis Tools to Measure Your Twitter Influence

      Nov 27, 2009

      3 minute read

      TweetStats: TweetStats is a popular twitter analysis tool that display statistics of your twitter account in graphical forms, making it easier to evaluate your efforts on Twitter.

      Twitter Analysis Tools TweetStats

      Graphs reveal the following information about the twitter user:

      • Twitter timeline – total number of tweets for each month
      • Tweet density – hourly tweets each day for a week
      • Aggregate hourly tweets – during which hour the user was most active for a week
      • Aggregate daily tweets – total number of tweets sent each day for a week
      • Replies to – top ten people you have replied to
      • Who You Retweet – top ten people whose tweets you retweeted

      Twitalyzer: Twitalyzer is a powerful tool that helps to measure influence, popularity, velocity and generosity of your twitter account.

      Twitter Analysis Tools Twitalyzer
      • Influence: The influence score defines your popularity in twitter and it depends on various parameters, like your number of followers, number of times you are retweeted or referenced by others.
      • Signal: The signal-to-noise ratio is a measure of the tendency of people to share information. If your update is a reference to other people (use of @followed by text), or includes links to urls, hashtags or retweets, then it is counted as a signal.
      • Generosity: It indicates how generous one is in sharing or passing on others tweets. The more you retweet, increased is your generosity and signal-to-noise ratio.
      • Velocity: It reveals your frequency of updating posts on twitter.
      • Clout: Clout indicates how many people reference you in Twitter. It is a parameter to measure your influence – the more people reference you in twitter, the higher will be your clout.

      TweetEffect: Still in its beta phase, TweetEffect find out which of your twitter updates made people follow or leave you. It analyzes last 200 updates and color code the tweets that affected your number of followers. Tweet highlighted in “Red” means you lost followers after that tweet and those highlighted in “Green” means you gained followers. TweetEffect assumes that your tweets is the only criteria that determines losing or gaining followers, whereas there are many other factors that brings the change.

      Twitter Analysis Tools TweetEffect

      TwitterCounter: TwitterCounter is a great twitter service that provides updated statistics of your followers, following, tweets daily.You can compare absolute or relative growth of multiple twitter accounts or compare them with your competitor’s growth. Twittercounter provides you useful insights on you are doing on twitter in terms of number of followers and tweets. You can measure and track progress of your competitors account as well and redesign your strategy on twitter.

      Twitter Analysis Tools TwitterCounter

      Tweepular: Tweepular has a bright colorful interface that helps you to organize your followers and your followings. You can sort the tweeps by date added, number of followers or last updated in either ascending or descending order. At one place you get to know about twitter users who are mutual followers, or who are only following you and tweeps whom you follow but they don’t follow back.

      Twitter Analysis Tools Tweepular

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