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      Email to Case Advance

      Transform Support Operations With Effective Case Management

      Sep 20, 2023

      4 minute read

      “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” – Michael LeBoeuf

      Staying on top of your customer service operations is the key to achieve customer satisfaction.

      Handling customer issues and inquiries can be time-consuming and complex, but it’s vital to maintain strong relationships.

      With robust case management capabilities for managing customer interactions, Salesforce Service Cloud enables you to convert emails into cases.

      However, as with any solution, there is always scope for improvement when it comes to optimizing its features.

      This is where a robust case management solution can be your key to unlock better case management in Salesforce.

      Email-to-Case Advance is a powerful solution from Grazitti that enables you to simplify case management in Salesforce for improved customer satisfaction and better agent productivity.

      It is a unique solution that comes with various feature upgrades in its latest release.

      In this blog post, we will take a look at how Email-to-Case Advance enables superior case management in Salesforce.

      Advanced Case Management in Salesforce Service Cloud

      Integrating Email-to-Case Advance into your Salesforce Service Cloud simplifies case management for your support reps.

      The benefits entail-

      • Better Information Accessibility

      • Ensure that all the case-related information is easily accessible and organized so that agents can provide quick and accurate customer support.

      • Consistent Communication

      • Maintain a consistent communication channel between your customer and support reps, and ensure that all the relevant parties are updated throughout the case resolution process.

      • Higher Agent Productivity

      • Streamline the case management process and enable the support agents to handle customer cases much more efficiently and effectively. This will lead to a boost in agent productivity.

      • Improved Customer Engagement

      • Provide support agents with easy access to case information to enable quick and effective resolutions to customer queries.

      • Enhanced Customer Service Experience

      • Customers expect prompt and efficient service, and Email-to-Case Advance enables you to deliver according to their expectations by streamlining the case management process.

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      Upgraded Features of Email-to-Case Advance That Make Customer Support Easier and More Efficient

      Email-to-Case Advance streamlines & simplifies case management to increase agent productivity and provide quick customer resolution.

      It enables support agents to:

      • Send notifications to recipients in CC and BCC
      • Prevent duplicate cases on an email thread
      • Auto-populate cases from employee emails
      • Handle your response to closed cases
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      A Lightning-ready and highly configurable solution, Email-to-Case Advance continuously evolves to meet the needs of your businesses and customer service operations.

      This means seeking and considering user suggestions for product updates, ensuring that Email-to-Case Advance remains at the forefront of case management technologies.

      The upgraded features of Email-to-Case Advance enables your support representatives to-

      1. Create Clean Case Comments from Email

      This feature allows support representatives to-

      • Create case comments from the incoming emails.
      • Overwrite To and CC recipients based on incoming emails.
      • Enable case history comments on the comment timeline.
      • Select the case history fields from the available fields for which comments should be generated on the comment timeline.
      • Define domains for private comments.
      • Clean case comments and remove unnecessary threads.

      2. Keep Everyone in the Loop

      This feature empowers your support reps with the ability to manage emails based on workflow and Apex. Additionally, they can define domains/emails in blacklist and exclude list fields.

      3. Keep Different Teams in the Loop

      This feature enables your support reps to keep the following in the email loop-

      • Case team on the add case comment page
      • Case team members based upon roles and recipients list
      • Account teams

      4. Auto-Embed Attachments

      Your support reps are empowered with the ability to attach the knowledge base articles in the acknowledgment emails sent to the customer for improving the case deflection rate.

      5. Personalize Case Comments Page

      Your support agents are empowered with the ability to-

      • Include Rich Text Editor, canned comments, attachments, and email templates on the Add Case Comment Page.
      • Select the number of fields and the order in which fields should appear under the section-case summary fields, and update the case fields using fieldset.
      • Include existing case comments on the Add Comment Case page.

      [Success Story] How Email-to-Case Advance Reduced Case Resolution Time by 60%

      The customer is a leading provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions in the US. With a global customer base in more than 130 countries, their clients comprise numerous Forbes Global 100 and Fortune 100.

      They were using Salesforce Service Cloud to manage their service operations. However, their service team agents weren’t able to stay on top of their game.

      They wanted to improve their support efficiency and customer experience by saving emails as case comments, adding multiple attachments with the case, clean comments, and more.

      That’s where we suggested implementing our comprehensive solution Email-to-Case Advance.

      Email-to-Case Advance enabled the customer’s support team to handle cases effectively and provide better support assistance, and customer experience.

      The ‘Canned Comments’ functionality led to an improvement in the overall response time to address customer queries.

      The pre-defined templates resulted in saving time spent on adding comments, thus, improving the overall agent productivity.

      Additionally, when their end-users created a case, they received informative articles with confirmation emails which improved customer experience.


      In today’s highly competitive business landscape, delivering exceptional customer service is a crucial factor for success.

      Salesforce Service Cloud combined with Email-to-Case Advance provides businesses with a powerful solution to streamline case management processes, boost agent productivity, and enhance the overall customer service experience.

      By integrating this advanced solution, organizations can proactively stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that their customers remain consistently satisfied and loyal.

      Want to Leverage an Advanced Case Management Solution for Salesforce Service Cloud? Talk to Us!

      At Grazitti, we know the importance of effective case management in Salesforce.

      Begin your journey, today!

      Should you want to know more, please write to us at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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