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      Transforming Support Portal Content Into Engaging, Interactive Modules: A Success Story

      Feb 02, 2024

      3 minute read

      In today’s fast-evolving educational landscape, the integration of interactive elements into eLearning has become not just a preference but a necessity.

      As the digital era advances, the traditional methods of learning are eclipsed by the demand for dynamic, engaging, and effective educational experiences.

      The power of interactive elements lies not just in their novelty but in their ability to captivate, immerse, and empower learners. This transformative approach transcends the boundaries of static content, paving the way for a learning revolution.

      In this blog post, we unveil the pivotal role of interactivity in eLearning, exploring how it has become the cornerstone for one of our customers.

      Here’s how it happened.

      How It Began

      Our customer, a leading software company renowned for its cutting-edge process automation and workflow management platform, specializes in streamlining business processes and optimizing workflows, forms, documents, and data for organizations.

      However, they encountered challenges with their support portal content hosted on Rise. The content’s static nature was a comprehension roadblock and the lack of interactive elements, like simulations, kept users from truly engaging with the material. On top of it, the complex product architecture made it challenging to track user performance effectively.

      With these issues in mind, the customer set some goals. They wanted to:

      • Convert static content into dynamic and interactive training materials for enhanced user understanding and engagement.
      • Develop simulations for real-time portal training.
      • Provide users with practical, hands-on experience to improve their proficiency with the platform.
      • Incorporate engaging interactive quizzes within the training modules to make the learning process more enjoyable and effective.

      How We Helped Them

      After understanding their requirements, we offered them the following solutions:

      Transforming Support Portal Content Into Engaging, Interactive Modules: A Success Story

      Content Script Creation:

      Our team conducted an exhaustive analysis of the software portal, meticulously documenting every functionality and learning objective. This served as the foundation for developing precise and targeted content scripts for the training materials. These scripts were carefully crafted to ensure that each element contributes directly to the learning goals.

      Content Enhancement:

      To create a comprehensive learning experience, we updated existing Learning Management System (LMS) content. This involved using clear and concise language, restructuring modules for optimal flow, and designing entirely new modules to address any knowledge gaps. Additionally, we incorporated high-quality voice-overs to enhance accessibility and cater to diverse learning styles, making the content more engaging and accessible.

      Interactive Product Training Videos:

      Leveraging a blend of existing and newly-scripted content, we produced engaging product training videos. These videos were not passive; instead, they incorporated interactive elements such as branching storylines and quizzes. This active engagement helped reinforce key concepts, ensuring that learners weren’t just spectators but active participants. Seamless integration into the LMS made these videos easily accessible, providing a centralized learning experience.

      Real-time Portal Simulations:

      We designed realistic simulations that precisely mirrored the portal’s interface and functionalities. These simulations offered a hands-on learning environment, allowing users to experiment and practice without any risk in a real-world setting. This interactive approach significantly enhanced comprehension and knowledge retention, providing users with a practical understanding of the platform’s intricacies.

      Release Updates Feature:

      We streamlined the communication process for software portal release updates. Customers received clear and concise notifications through their preferred channels, detailing new features, enhancements, and potential impacts. This proactive approach ensured that users were always informed and able to leverage the latest functionalities, contributing to a seamless and efficient user experience.

      Want to See How We Transformed a Support Portal Into an Interactive Learning Paradise? Download the Full Case Study Now!

      The Impact

      The journey from static content to dynamic learning proved a resounding success for this leading software company. Witnessing a 25% surge in user engagement and empowering over 400 customers with interactive training modules, their story is a powerful testament to the transformative potential of interactivity in eLearning.

      So, it’s time to shed the shackles of the static and embrace the click. The revolution is here, inviting us to unlock the potential of every learner with every engaging interaction.

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