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      Twitter Tips to Increase Your Personal Brand Presence

      Aug 03, 2009

      2 minute read

      Choose Your Twitter Name: Your Twitter name will appear as the title tag on the Google SERPs when someone searches for your name, so select a relevant user name, preferably your own name or a keyword relevant to your business.

      Optimize Your Bio: Though your bio is not one of the factors considered for Google rankings, but your bio lets others know about you. Most times, people decide to follow or unfollow you reading your bio. Rather than writing some cheesy description like “Soccer fan, looking to have fun”, use a professional introduction.

      Increase Brand Presence on Twitter

      Increase Your followers: More followers mean more backlinks to your profile. Followers with high page rank boost your page rank. But don’t simply go on increasing your follower list without establishing any connection with them. Back links to yours are beneficial only if you’re towards the top of their list, otherwise the link is buried deep on their follower’s list page.

      Write keyword rich tweets: Try to write a meaningful & relevant message, starting with a keyword. This improves your visibility for that particular keyword. For e.g., if you are a web marketer, than try to tweet messages with “Web Marketing” as a keyword.

      Share your Ideas: Try to tweet tips, quotes, your views or suggestions that can catch fancy of other twitterers. Your thoughts can always engage your followers and start a healthy conversation. One informational message is worth more than fifty silly tweets like, “I am going to take shower”.

      Don’t Spam links: Do not keep tweeting links to your posts or website. The frequency of sending links in updates should be 1 to every 4 messages. Some people perceive twitter as a platform to popularize their web sites or blogs by sending links. But with so many links floating around, people pay more attention to personal tweets, rather than links to your blogpost.

      Profile Picture: Putting up a profile picture is recommended because people with a real picture seem to get quite a lot more followers than someone with an empty picture.

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