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      Umbraco 8 – Explore Its Features & Advantages For Businesses

      Dec 01, 2021

      3 minute read

      Umbraco, a content management system popularly known for its flexibility and great editing experience is Microsoft’s number one open source installation.

      Powering 17,000+ websites including Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Carlsberg, and McDonald’s, this content management system has been a strong market player ever since its launch in 2000.

      Umbraco is an open-source platform, written in C#, built on Microsoft .NET framework using ASP.NET and is deployed on Microsoft infrastructure.

      The company has spent five years creating their 8th CMS version in order to make things simpler to extend, edit, and publish.

      In this blog post, you’ll learn what new features are added to Umbraco 8 that make it an extremely powerful CMS. Let’s get started!

      Features of Umbraco 8

      1. Infinite Editing

      To improve the user experience, Umbraco has introduced their 8th version which comes with an infinite editing feature.

      To support the natural editing flow of content editors, the new feature is launched to provide fluid support for zooming into every content element without losing the meaning of the content.

      The infinite editing feature doesn’t limit or confuse the editors; rather it can work great when you’re:

      a. Creating advanced landing pages with chunks of text and personalized media.
      b. Building the content flow for a chatbot.

      This frictionless feature also provides an API to help developers deploy their own extensions. This makes it easier to include every rich detail and complex configurations without confusing the user.

      2. Language Variants

      Umbraco 8 has another impressive feature that it supports multilingual content i.e. you can have the same content in multiple variants as a part of your project.

      Language Variants, a completely new set of built-in tools is introduced to minimize complexity.

      This content availability in multiple variations under one roof gives you an opportunity to:

      a. Switch between languages in preview mode.

      b. Edit two different content pieces at the same time using the side-by-side mode.

      c. Provide support for mandatory languages to ensure that the languages are in place before a piece of content is published. If your main language market is Icelandic, all your required content should be available and kept up-to-date.

      d. Choose the content variants you want to publish, thus enabling you to publish your recent product in all your markets worldwide. If a product is introduced only to a few markets, once you publish, content will update only on the pages relevant to those markets.

      3. Codebase Clean Up

      A thorough clean up of the codebase was necessary and Umbraco 8 comes with just that, hence making it simpler for developers to work.

      This new version of Umbraco has a codebase that’s much less complicated and easier to extend. There’s no longer any legacy code, which makes the job easier for developers.

      Umbraco 8 codebase now makes it easier for you to create, install, and uninstall packages. This straightforward workflow eliminates the need to create solutions and saves developer’s time to develop a fully functional solution.

      Here’s How Grazitti Helped a Quantum Computing Company Build an Umbraco Website!

      How is Umbraco 8 Beneficial for Your Business?


      1. Easy to Learn and Use

      Umbraco 8 has a flexible architecture, thus enabling programming engineers to effortlessly integrate solutions with business systems.

      Moreover, the API gives programmatic access to every CMS feature and also gives complete freedom to designers for frontend development.

      2. Smooth Content Management

      An important benefit of Umbraco 8 is the advanced content management and simple content creation and editing capabilities.

      Umbraco 8 has:

      a. An intuitive interface and editing experience
      b. Editing workflows integrated with company’s workflows
      c. SEO optimization and social media marketing
      d. Multilingual support and content translation
      e. Schedule and preview publishing
      f. A media library for asset management and image editing capabilities

      3. Cloud Hosting

      Umbraco has streamlined deployment in the cloud. Umbraco Cloud helps organizations with cloud hosting and deployment.

      An efficient and cost-effective hosting environment is provided by the vendor, which can be set-up in a few minutes. This environment can be managed and upgraded automatically

      4. Community Support

      There is a strong and supportive community support with more than 200,000 members who contribute to developing the Umbraco community across the globe.

      This community consists of individual marketers, developers, designers, and partner companies, hence ensuring a quick response to any problems that you might face.

      Key Takeaway

      Umbraco, with their 8th version, has introduced features that provides content editors with:

      a. Frictionless editing experience
      b. Language variants
      c. Up-to-date technologies
      d. Creating and installing packages
      e. Limitless customization

      On the whole, Umbraco 8 is designed to give users a faster experience with creating, updating, and editing websites.

      Need Help With Configuring Umbraco 8? Talk to Us!

      Grazitti Interactive has a team of Umbraco experts working to help customers with successful implementation of the CMS. Should you want to know more about our web development services, drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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