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Umbraco CMS – Making your Website as Creative as your Imagination!

by on Nov 09, 2015 in Web Development, Web Development

The ability to regularly renew and update your website content is in more demand than ever. Website owners and managers call for a user-friendly, code-free CMS’s that can be handled with ease – enabling easy management and uploading of the website content.

UMBRACO Development

Umbraco Content Management System

Umbraco is a Microsoft ASP.NET-based open source CMS – with the flexibility to run anything from brochures and small campaign sites to the most complicated applications. The core system is fully-featured and is perfectly complimented by lots of amazing plugin modules – offering a customized web solution for any organization.

Umbraco’s comparison with other CMSs

When it comes to comparing different Content Management Systems and choosing the best one among the options available, the question arises: “what exactly are you trying to achieve?”
With high loading speed and proven seamless performance, Umbraco emerges as the best CMS choice for editors in the present era of responsive web design. The reason for Umbraco’s increasing popularity is that it holds some evident advantages compared to its competitors. Have a look as we compare some popular CMS’s:

Umbraco vs. Drupal

Factors Umbraco Drupal
Interface Data is organized in a hierarchical manner that represents the site structure. Data is organized in a single list with parent and child nodes.
Development Time Less development time More development time
Multiuser-support Supports multiuser access. The feature is initially split into users and members Supports multiuser access
Multiple-content Picker Module Users can choose and reuse the content infinite number of times in different places throughout the website Users can’t create different cases of the sidebar features
Extending Functionality Functionality can be extended both at the front and backend using the good support of .NET user controls Functionality can be extended by creating a Drupal-specific custom module
Performance Large web platform. It performs better during high volume of traffic and/or extensive use Large web platform
Design Any visual design can be implemented, including JavaScript and flash. Standard complaint code results in better SEO indexing and multi-browser support Visual designs can be implemented by integrating everything into the main page – no proper backend admin panel available. Also, there may be some JavaScript conflicts
Cost Open source Open source

Umbraco vs. WordPress

Umbraco WordPress
Need to create and customize custom-built templates No need to customize templates( free themes are available)
Suitable for large corporate websites, particularly those with 50+ pages Suitable for smaller sites as admin navigation is difficult on larger site structures
Recommended for private and public sites with mission-critical security needs Recommended for sites where security is not a concern and most of the content is public
Can accommodate any template structure based on custom designed themes Better for basic template structures based on the predefined themes
Can be used by large sized editorial teams Recommended for smaller teams
Windows/ MSSQL hosting (high on-going investment) Unix/MySQL hosting (more cost effective)

Every CMS has its own set of advantages. The choice of CMS is generally influenced by what your web project’s requirements are. The questions that follow are: What functionality or features are needed? What associated systems are likely to be used? The crux is that if you need a large corporate website that calls for pages with specific content requirements (dynamic content) more design freedom, and rich functionality that loads faster, Umbraco certainly proves to be a good choice.

Looking for Umbraco Expertise?

.Net team at Grazitti Interactive offers best-in-class service and support for Umbraco CMS. We create websites with user-centered design, ensuring that accessibility and user experience are always at the forefront. Companies like Tidemark, Appcelerator, Cloudwords, Feverbee, MobileIron, DCG One and many others trust us with their web development needs. For more information about our design and development services across diverse technologies like Java, PHP, .Net and more, feel free to reach out to us at


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